Broadcast 247 (Special Edition)

07 Aug 2004 Ed Wright
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Ed Wright returned to The Space Show for this program to discuss the state of the suborbital industry and much more. We had an extensive discussion of the private-sector and space access, focusing on Space Ship One, the X-Prize, and other possible X-Prize winners such as the Canadian teams. Mr. Wright explained his program, the details of which will soon be announced, regarding his space tourism suborbital vehicle, the Archangel. Ed discussed his proposed program which will involve space training and much more. We also talked about his prototype vehicle, the Maching Bird 1 and his target market distinction with these vehicles and business plan and other suborbital space tourism vehicles. We also discussed the politics of space this year, what to expect for the balance of the year, both on the upside and the down side. Ed advocated getting involved, communicating with one's elected officials and working to make sure Congress understand that we want these policies. We talked about the future use of the ISS, the return to flight program for the Space Shuttle, NASA, Congress, and much more. We discussed the state of the suborbital industry here as well as internationally, the Suborbital Institute, and the potential of other nations to take over the lead to private-sector space access if the US falters due to a punitive regulatory regime, or something else. You won't want to miss this program.



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