Broadcast 924 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

07 Apr 2008 Dr. James R. Wertz
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Guest: Dr. James Wertz, CEO of Microcosm Inc., returned for this Space Show program to discuss the upcoming Responsive Space Conference in Los Angeles, April 28 - May 1, 2008. Dr. Wertz updated us as to speakers and keynote talks as well as answering listener questions about ITAR, foreign, and related issues to the conference. One listener asked about weapons in space and if this conference advocated the militarization of space with weapons. You will want to hear the reply offered by Dr. Wertz and then my reply to the listener. Another listener asked what constituted a weapon and brought up satellites with guidance systems and rocket motors. We talked about low cost space access, Dr. Wertz fielded many questions on the issue and suggestions were offered on how best to achieve it. He was asked if a commercial silver bullet was needed to drive down the cost, so you will want to hear some of the industry suggestions and what he has to say about this issue and the order in which solutions might appear. I asked Jim questions from yesterday's show regarding our educational system and innovative thinking as well as thinking fresh thoughts. We applied this to engineering, rocket science, and other space applications. Jim explained how this was unfolding right now in the engineering fields and he went over the three essentials needed to make thing happen and become real. Do not miss this part of the discussion. Jim reminded listeners that there will be a live Space Show program at Responsive Space on Tuesday evening at the usual time, in which all conference attendees are invited. He also talked about student scholarships for the conference and the Young Professionals Dinner. Registration for the conference and the Westin Hotel near LAX is online and available at You can email Dr. Wertz with your comments or questions regarding this show or the conference at



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