Broadcast 383 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

06 Sep 2005 Shubber Ali
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Shubber Ali returned to The Space Show for this special two hour program. The interview began by asking Shubber questions about the space industry in Australia, in America, and elsewhere in the world. In the context of this discussion, we also talked about the launch industry, especially in America, but we did discuss demand around the world and the entrepreneurial business in the United States. Shubber also told listeners why he does not like the term "space industry" and this developed into a brief analysis of the space industry, space tourism, marketing studies, and more. You will not want to miss the discussion regarding space tourism, both suborbital and orbital, as well as new information suggesting the character of the suborbital space tourism market. Shubber then switched to informing listeners about AstroVision in Australia, his company which is working toward launching real time weather satellites for the Asia Pacific region. Don't miss this discussion. What Shubber and AstroVision are going to be doing is extremely exciting and short term! In addition, there are ways for people to participate if they want given AstroVision is an Australian public company. The plans that Shubber discussed are very advanced technically in addition to being consumer driven and very beneficial for society. It is my belief that many Space Show listeners will seriously consider being a customer of AstroVision in the not too distant future! You can find out more about the company, the plans, the timing, and the technology by visiting Shubber Ali can be reached by email at . If you do email him, he has requested that you put "Space Show" in the subject line.



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