Broadcast 256 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

06 Sep 2004 James A. M. Muncy
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Jim Muncy was the guest for this edition of The Space Show. With Mr. Muncy, we were treated to an inside look at advocating space policy with congress, the general public, and also with space organizations. We discussed the importance of the Bush space policy initiative in this political season and why it should be seen as non-partisan. Mr. Muncy also talked to us about how best to get one's ideas and vision in front of their representative or senator and how to get involved doing something for space development/exploration. Jim spoke about space being essential to our future,. a discussion you will not want to miss. He also spent some time discussing space commerce, the private sector in general, financing, profitable ventures, human suborbital flight and more. We discussed the importance of having a market and at one point in response to a question I asked him, Mr. Muncy said the best thing we could do was invest large amounts of money in space businesses that were opening the space frontier. In this context, Mr. Muncy also contrasted the role of the United States with other nations in opening a space frontier for all. Mr. Muncy spoke to the importance of seeing HR 3752 passed this year and he urged all to write their senator(s) to support this non-partisan bill which the president will certainly sign if it makes it to his desk. During the last several minutes of the program, Jim Muncy, more clearly than anyone else, put forth a most cogent argument for our involvement in space, how to tell others about the necessity of space, and each of can really make a difference in moving forward with our own vision of space. Jim Muncy's roadmap is a must for anyone wanting to see our nation, our society, and our world become space-faring. Don't miss it! For sure, Jim Muncy will be returning to The Space Show and we very much appreciate his having been a guest for this program.



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