Broadcast 1236 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Bob Dickman, Elliot Pulham, Dr. Scott "Doc" Horowitz, Frank Culbertson, Jim Muncy, Dr. John Klineberg. Topics: This program provided a comprehensive discussion of the Augustine Commission options for our human spaceflight program. This special program was produced by AIAA with help from The Space Show. Our panel members were with us for two hours (no break) to engage in an in-depth discussion of the Augustine Commission's "Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans." Bob Dickman, Executive Director of AIAA started off with an opening statement on behalf of AIAA and then each of our five panel members made an initial opening statement pertaining to their perspective for the Augustine Commission report and issues facing our nation's human spaceflight program. After the panel member opening statements, as moderator, I led off with the first question that had to with making the case with the American public for human spaceflight with a compelling reason for the investment of public money for this program. After the panel addressed this issue for several minutes, I brought in questions from listeners across the country. During our two hour panel discussion, we covered the options put forth in the Augustine Commission Executive Summary, commercial space and what it is, COTS, heavy lift, on orbit construction, potential fuel depots, Mars and beyond missions, returning to the Moon, international support and consortiums for our civil program, leadership issues, congressional appropriations, ITAR, and more. Again, this was a very detailed and comprehensive discussion representing diverse views on how best to move forward with our human spaceflight program in the context of the Augustine Commission report. I strongly recommend this program as a MUST LISTEN TO SHOW! In addition, I want to thank AIAA, specifically Bob Dickman, Klaus Dannenberg, Duane Hyland, and Craig Day. I also want to thank both Janet Stevens of The Space Foundation, and Sharon Smith of Orbital who helped make this program possible. Without the help, labor, and support of all of these people and their organizations, this special AIAA/Space Show program would not have happened. Please note that Dr. Harrison Schmitt who was originally scheduled to be part of the panel had to cancel at the last minute. We were all most appreciative of Jim Muncy coming on board at the 11th hour to fill in for Dr. Schmitt. If you have questions or comments for our panel members, please address them to me at I will send them to our contact for this panel at AIAA and we will do our best to get a response to you from the person you want to hear from.



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06 Oct 2009 Frank Culbertson, Robert Dickman, Dr. Scott, Dr. John Klineberg, James A. M. Muncy, Elliot H. Pulham
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