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We welcomed back Dr. Doug Plata for this one segment 1 hour 57 minute discussion focused on Doug's space advocacy plans to influence space policy regarding returning to the Moon.  Doug started the discussion by letting us know he would be talking about his space advocacy work, then he talked about the need for the Falcon Heavy with the Xeus lunar lander to be the architecture of choice for going to the Moon.  He explained why and said that would be a goal of new space advocacy work. 

Next up, Doug talked about his idea for a lunar lander display around the Port Canaveral area at the time of the first Falcon Heavy launch. We spent time discussing what his display will include and how, even ways to making coming to see it more attractive and attention getting.  In addition, Doug advocated against the Deep Space Gateway (DSG) idea and instead going directly to the lunar surface.  As a result of his ideas and concepts, he suggested using the SLS for Mars and deep space missions but not for the Moon.  Listen to his explanation behind his reasoning.  Let us know what you think with your comments on the blog.  Doug continued talking about the DSG, suggesting there were two functions for it.  One was to support going to the Moon and the other was to support a Mars flyby mission.  He talked at length about these ideas so don't miss this discussion.

Doug got email questions pointing out that the Falcon Heavy had not yet flown wondering how that might impact his plans.  Adrian sent in an email which I read in full suggesting that Doug do the display on the second FH launch, waiting to make sure it had a successful initial launch.  Doug disagreed with Adrian.  What do you think of Doug's rational and approach regarding the display for the initial FH launch?  Let us know with your blog comments. 

Doug continued talking about his space advocacy work and approach, mentioning that having access to the National Space Council, Vice President Pence and others was very challenging.  As part of this discussion, Doug outlined more of his advocacy plans.   In talking about his plans, he spoke of his new website,  Note the site should be up and running with his lunar information within 72 hours.  Listener Ted sent in a note asking Doug about the market readiness for what he was talking about.  In his response, Doug referenced the ISS and the Blue Origin New Glenn Rocket under development. Kim called and was provocative and challenging to Doug.  Kim suggested that people with engineering and experience credibility such as Dennis Wingo and Charles Miller have access and can possibly influence policy. She suggested that Doug did not bring these attributes to the table so how did he expect to influence policy. Kim's question sparked an interesting reply from Doug.  I added that the Direct project attempted to challenge the Program of Record (POR) for Constellation with the Ares rockets, but in the end failed despite its advantages.   Doug had responses  to the Direct experience. One of the ways Doug said he wanted to influence policy was to get the word to President Trump that he could go down in history by choosing a big and bold approach.  Doug said it was a choice between President Trump taking the standard approach or the bold approach.  Make sure you hear this complete and most interesting discussion.  Share your thoughts with us by posting on TSS blog.  Kim, still on the line, had more to add to the conversation.  Doug then talked about his probable crowd funding project for his Unihab design.  Later, he got into robotics and then talked about the Space Development Network he wanted to create.

As the program was drawing to a close, Doug talked about the need to join the Space Development Network (SDN).  Listen to his description of the SDN, the working groups he wants to create and what the free membership in the SDN involves will do.   Before we ended, Adrian send in an email suggesting we would not be returning to the Moon until China was there.  I read his note on air so let us know what you think.  The program ended with Doug making a strong appeal to join his SDN.

Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog.  You can reach Dr. Doug through me or his new website.






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06 Nov 2017 Dr. Doug Plata
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