Broadcast 411 (Special Edition)

06 Nov 2005 Mr. Rick Tumlinson
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Rick Tumlinson returned to The Space Show for a very special two hour program. This interview addressed many important subjects and topics. We started by having Rick summarize the recent Space Frontier Foundation Annual Conference held in Los Angeles and the architecture being used by NASA to return to the Moon. This afforded Rick the opportunity to talk about the program, NASA, Congress, and Dr. Griffin, NASA's Administrator. This is a must listen to discussion, especially for anyone interested in the why of our need to settle the space frontier. We talked at length about space settlement and how to influence policy in the country. In response to a question by Smith in Montreal, Rick spent a significant amount of time explaining settlement from a perspective which is much larger than the U.S. perspective and he offered ideas for how people in other countries can influence their governments and what they might say and do. Rick also provided detailed wording for writing to leaders and chief policy makers to actually design and implement a program that involves space settlement on a permanent basis, not the type of lunar program being talked about where we might visit one site for a few days, then the next time visit another site, etc. Again, this is a must listen to program. According to Mr. Tumlinson, we need to stress that we are to enable human settlement. We are to enable the private sector to grow and develop. We need to do something different than what we are doing because if we don't, we won't be having a permanent return to the Moon and space settlement program which has the potential to benefit all of humanity. In response to a question by Robert Zimmerman from a few days earlier, Rick addressed the NASA before Griffin and after Griffin in terms of the work started by Admiral Steidle. Again, a must hear for Space Show listeners. You can contact Rick Tumlinson at



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