Broadcast 940 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

06 May 2008 Dr. David Livingston
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Guest: Open Lines. Our regularly scheduled guest for this program had a last minute emergency, so we converted the show to Open Lines. Our originally scheduled guest, Charles Chafer, will be rescheduled as soon as possible. We led off with an Open Lines listener phone call about chat windows and IM on the show. I described to the listener how to use instant messenger chat to communicate with the show and also stated that we do not provide an organized group chat window. Later in the show, another question came in about a chat forum and we ran out of time before I noticed Mel's reply to my question about the frequency of use of the Discussion Board on our Facebook page. Mel is the monitor for that board and reports that it has yet to be used except by the moderators. If listeners want a chat room or discussion board to discuss Space Show programs and guests, it would make sense to use the one in FaceBook that already exists. Log in and search for The Space Show and the rest should be easy. I can put you in contact with Mel if there is a problem. Reda Anderson called in to tell us about educational scholarships available through the Jonathan Club in Los Angeles. Listen to what Reda says and if this is applicable to you or could interest you or someone you know, please do apply. Reda provides her contact information during the show for follow up questions about the scholarships. There were other listener questions about space policy and presidential politics, the VSE, and more. Charles Pooley called in with some updated information about Microlaunchers, so don't miss his new developments. I asked him about the N-Prize and while he knew about it, like the rest of us, he is eagerly awaiting the show with the founder of this interesting and unique prize. Another listener asked me about my often-said comments that space tourism or something in space is always two years away from now, regardless of when NOW is. Listen to how I answered the question for this listener. I also spent some time talking about the upcoming Space Show special documentary TV filming that will take place in a studio provided by Jim Lewis at the Cape. If you have any questions about the TV programming plans, please let me hear from you. I will be providing details on the segments later as we will need callers for these segments. If you have any comments or questions about anything on this open lines show, or know a professional grant writer you can recommend for the One Giant Leap Foundation, please email me at



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