Broadcast 956 (Special Edition)

06 Jun 2008 Dr. Paul Dear
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Guest: Dr. Paul Dear, creator of the N-Prize, was the special guest for this Friday Space Show program. Visit to learn more about the N-Prize competition. We started our discussion with Dr. Dear explaining to us how he created the N-Prize competition, what it's all about, the rules, the existing entries, and other facts and details related to it. Dr. Dear originally posted the idea on the creative and crazy idea site, While discussing the N-Prize and making a satellite that weighs between 9 and 19.99 grams that can actually do something useful, lots of listeners phoned Dr. Dear to talk about this contest and his ideas. Several of the callers have entered the N-Prize contest and talked some about their projects. Don't miss these discussions. We talked extensively about using the N-Prize for student projects and why that would be a good idea. You will want to hear this discussion. We also talked about the creative process used by Dr. Dear to come up with ideas such as N-Prize and, while Dr. Dear has a great sense of humor and does not take seriously that which many of us cherish, his approach, attitude, and methodology are nothing short of inspiring, motivating, and success oriented. Listen to what he has to say about work in the lab, N-Prize, or any creative and discovery process. Also listen to what he says about failure. I believe this to be a very important Space Show program as not only is it wildly entertaining, but Dr. Dear offers us the path to a larger public involvement in space development and an outstanding approach to science, experimentation, and idea generation. If you have questions and comments about the N-Prize or from listening to Dr. Paul Dear on this program, please send them to Put "Space Show" in your subject line. Also, visit the N-Prize Google discussion group, Both of these addresses can be found by clicking Contact on the N-Prize website.



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