Broadcast 975 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Dr. Bryan Laubscher and Dr. Martin Lades were guests for today's Space Show to discuss the space elevator and the upcoming space elevator conference ( We started our discussion with the basics of the space elevator concept and why at this point in time convergence is necessary for the space elevator's development. Our two guests covered these issues in some detail and then more when listeners starting asking about why we need a space elevator. Not only was the agenda of the conference discussed in detail, so was the technology and engineering of the elevator, tethers, the relationship of SSP and the elevator, the business case for the elevator, and much more. We discussed using the elevator on the Moon, Mars, and from the ocean near the equator on Earth. Listen to hear why it is so appropriate for Mars. I also brought up the "Six Minutes of Terror" for landing a large mass on Mars, so see if you agree that the elevator might be a solution to challenges for these six minutes of terror. We also talked about the contribution to inspiration and motivation from the space elevator project, a realistic timetable, and more. You can find out more about the elevator and the conference or send comments and questions to Drs. Lades and Laubscher by visiting Or use General Chairman, Dr. Bryan E. Laubscher,, 505-412-5012 ; Technical Chairman: Dr. Martin Lades,, 925-606-9756.



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06 Jul 2008 Dr. Bryan Laubscher, Dr. Martin Lades
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