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Guest: Dr. Marshall Kaplan. Topics: Augustine, space shuttle, ISS, commercial space, orbital debris, Launchspace classes. Dr. Marshall Kaplan was our guest on The Space Show for this program which covered launch vehicles, the commercial space industry, space policy, debris removal, and classes. In our first segment, we discussed some of the finding by the Augustine Commission and talked about the likely flight profile for Ares 1 and Ares 5 and inquired about heavy lift. Commercial space, EELV and NASA budgets weighed heavily on this discussion which you do not want to miss as its comprehensive. Dr. Kaplan further talked about flying the shuttle for five more years and the need to keep ISS going and how to use it more effectively. Our guest also focused on the gap regarding a period without U.S. human spaceflight and that is a serious problem. We started the second segment by learning how to reduce the cost of shuttle launches by privatizing shuttle operations and selling the flights to NASA and others on a commercial basis. Listen to his plan and see what you think. The issue of NASA and aerospace industry job loss came up, especially along the Space Coast, so we talked about the space labor market now and in the future. Note that there is a serious lack of quality and exciting programs in the pipeline so there is a huge gap regarding the best use of space labor. During this segment, Dr. Kaplan outlined his preferred approach to civil space policy. Don't miss it! As we started the third and final segment, we focused on orbital debris. This is a comprehensive discussion that you should listen to as its important. Among the many important things said during this segment, Marshall pointed out the danger or red zone for debris is from 600 to 1100 KM. It is the biggest zone of concern. Listen to the discussion to find out why and what he had to say about other space altitudes, and how debris can be managed. We even talked about developing commercial businesses to undertake the problem but as you will hear, getting governments involved in this issue is not clear cut, easy, or widespread. As Dr. Kaplan said, figuring out how and who should pay for debris mitigation is a huge question. Toward the end of this segment, Dr. Kaplan talked about some of his upcoming classes that he teaches through Launchspace. Please visits for class information and more details about Dr. Kaplan and his work. If you have a question or comment for Dr. Marshall Kaplan or want to find out about his classes, please email him at



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06 Dec 2009 Dr. Marshall Kaplan
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