Broadcast 846 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

06 Dec 2007 Miles O'Brien
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Guest: Miles O'Brien, CNN. Miles O'Brien, the CNN chief technology and environment correspondent was the guest for this special half hour program. Miles talked with us about the importance of the space vision and his concern about NASA being able to get the job done regarding the VSE. He told us how important COTS was but he also stressed the excitement of exploration and the private space movement. Listeners asked him about space career opportunities (he was not so excited about the thought of working for NASA), space tourism, a space race with China, going back to the Moon or on to Mars, and much more. One listener asked him how he expected the expansion of the human presence in space to unfold, with the public sector, the private sector, or a combination of both. You will want to hear why he thinks both are needed and essential. This is a program you will certainly want to hear and when you do, you will know why Miles is so outstanding in the work he does as a leading space media professional.



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