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Guest:  Mike Mongo;  Topics:  The Johnny Appleseed Space Project, Johnny Appleseed history, commercial space, lunar property rights, STEAM, SEDS and lots more.

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We welcomed Mike Mongo back to The Space Show for a one segment 84 minute discussion focusing on STEAM outreach for students and the Johnny Appleseed Space Project.  For a good part of the first hour, Mike talked about STEAM outreach and the Johnny Appleseed Space Project for participating schools. He also spent time going over the real history of Johnny Appleseed, the actual real Sir Isaac Newton Apple Tree in the UK which was the basis for Johnny Appleseed to spread and plant apple seeds as he made his way across the US.  Mike spent time talking about the actual life and deeds of Johnny Appleseed, the Johnny Appleseed Museum and why a space project about him. 

Several questions came in regarding the project  including how schools can participate in the project, the timeline for the project, and the actual experiment that is contemplated by the project.  This allowed Mike to talk about school legacy projects over time.  Mike said that they were planning to launch the seeds on a ULA rocket but the details were not yet worked out.  When asked how the project would be funded, Mike said it would via a crowdfunding program. 

Mike introduced us to other topics.  One was the issue of property rights in space including lunar property rights.  Don't miss what he said about lunar and other space property right.  He strongly advocated for everyone to be able to participate in space without actually having to go or do something in space.  Another topic was how best to teach the history Mike had been talking about.  Alan suggested the model whereby the historical figure comes to life in the present day to teach about the past.  Mike was very familiar with this and had much to say on it since he was planning a series of books doing just what Alan suggested.

Mentioning books, Mike talked about book publishing, working with publishers and also self-publishing.  I mentioned my goal of completing TSS book for TSS 20th anniversary which will be June 2021.  More on that down the road.  Mike then talked about his having gone to Columbia regarding the blending of science and art with a STEAM project around Leonardo Da Vinci.  Mike then talked about his new project for his astronaut book which he says will not be a TV series produced by the people associated with The Expanse.  He said he would have more to say about the project later on. 

Mike then promoted Yuri's Night celebrations, especially in Los Angeles which will soon be his new home as he is moving there from Florida.  He also talked up SEDS (Students For The Exploration And Development of Space).  In his closing comments, he talked about NASA Administrator Bridenstine.

One additional note. Toward the end of the discussion, Mike and I had a more personal conversation because Mike mentioned audio issues on The Space Show, using twitter more, going to space and we talked about his moving to CA and my potential move either to another location in CA or finally out of the state.  In talking about audio issues, the ATT plans to cancel landline analog phone service came up and the need for TSS to eventually address this given we use analog hybrid equipment.  I mentioned a possible targeted fund raising effort to acquire digital phone hybrid gear.  Mike mentioned studio changes and I said I was open to his ideas but he would have to be well versed in audio and broadcast engineering issues as we have a professional studio but we cannot control the quality of phone lines used by guests and callers.  We do our best to make sure people know the requirements and I do test calls to most all the guests to make sure their lines work with our broadcast equipment.  In any event, if and when we move and set up the studio once again, that is the time to consider digital upgrades based on available funding.  One thing for sure, analog landlines are rapidly disappearing everywhere, both by law and regulation and by attrition.  They are giving way to modern and profitable digital phone systems for ATT and other companies.  For the record, ATT has not yet notified us that our three landlines are going to cancelled but they have made it clear their transition date is January 2020.  I will keep listeners posted on these developments.  I may also do another short segment on phone line and audio issues for TSS on the next OL show which is scheduled for August 18.  Lately it seems that I have been posting audio noise problem alerts on most archived shows. 

Please post your comments/questions for Mike Mongo on the blog for this show.  You can reach Mike through me or his email address which he gave out on air, "mike AT mikemongo DOT Com."





Johnny Appleseed in space and more

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06 Aug 2019 Mike Mongo
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