Broadcast 1134 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

06 Apr 2009 Dr. James R. Wertz
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Guest: Dr. Jim Wertz. Topics: Responsive Space Conference, low cost missions and spaceflights, launch economics, rocket parts. Dr. Jim Wertz, President of Microcosm, Inc. was our guest for this program to discuss the upcoming Responsive Space Conference to be held at the Westin Hotel near the Los Angeles Airport, April 27-30, 2009. Please note that during this program, Dr. Wertz offered a special conference registration price for regular and student Responsive Space registration, but you have to call Julie at Microcosm, Inc. by the close of business April 6, 2009 California time to request the special price. For regular registration, there will be a $100 discount if you mention The Space Show and this program. Student registration prices have been reduced from $350 to $325 just by calling Julie and saying you want The Space Show special registration offer. To take advantage of these special prices, please call (310) 219-2700. Please note that this offer expires at the close of business on Monday, April 6, 2009. As for our discussion, Dr. Wertz talked about the Responsive Space Conference, the keynote speakers, the conference amenities, the live Space Show program that will take place Tuesday evening and the fact that The Space Show might be able to broadcast video for that show, so stay tuned for announcements on this potential new feature for The Space Show. In addition to talking about the conference and the speakers plus the agenda, we talked about what responsive space means, how to achieve it, and what some of the realistic ideas are to achieve it. We also talked about crossover technology to the commercial sector for Responsive Space R&D. The USMC SUSTAIN vehicle concept came up and we discussed it, plus the Microcosm Scorpius launch vehicle. Dr. Wertz explained how by minimizing the working parts in a rocket, lower launch costs could be obtained so you will want to hear this discussion. He went into some detail about the high speed turbo pump and what that has meant for rocket development. We discussed low cost satellite development and missions as well as the problems created by regulatory creep. Numerous other topics were discussed as well, so you will want to hear this full show. Please give serious consideration to attention the Responsive Space Conference in Los Angeles. It’s a fact based, highly influential conference that you do not want to miss. If you have questions or comments for Dr. Jim Wertz about this discussion or the Responsive Space Conference, please contact him at Microcosm with the above phone number, the Responsive Space website, , or by email at ( ).



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