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Charles Miller was the guest for this Space Show program. Charles continued our discussion on space based solar power (SBSP) and the recent NSSO report, but this time more from the business case and financial perspective as he was a leading participant in helping to research and provide reliable and useable information for the NSSO in their study. During this interview, Charles was asked many questions by listeners about the global reach and effectiveness of a potential space based solar power system, closing the business case for SBSP, and even terrestrial energy options. There were many questions about the "green" component of SBSP and even working with environmental groups for SBSP rather than being at odds with these groups. You will want to hear these questions and the answers. Charles addressed nuclear, wind, terrestrial solar, etc. but the bottom line is that we have a very real pending problem with energy and we should not discount any option or put aside any potential source of energy for our future needs. Charles explains this very well and this makes this discussion not only timely but very important. Charles brought up the national security aspect of SBSP so don't miss this part of the discussion; When asked about the technologies needed to have SBSP, low cost space access tops the list so we discussed our efforts in moving toward low cost space access. Again, this is a discussion you will not want to miss. We discussed SBSP in connection with foreign government and island nations. And of course, the fundamental question of what's next for the NSSO, SBSP, and who foots the bill. An important set of questions for Charles dealt with influencing political candidates and their advisors to push SBSP. Charles provided us with important insights to how the political advisor/candidate system works and how to effectively use the few minutes one has with a candidate to advocate what is important. His response may surprise some of you but then please pay attention as the insights he is giving us into how to effectively work our political system with space and other issues is most valuable. And nobody knows this better than Charles Miller as he is the founder of ProSpace! Listeners are invited to contact Charles Miller to support and work toward the ultimate realization of SBSP (much work is still needed, this is a grounded and reality based discussion, not a religious experience), plus your comments and questions are welcome. Send your comments, questions, and inquiries to Charles at Mention this Space Show in the subject line. Also, visit the blog that has the SBSP info on it that Col. Coyote Smit is still working though he is doing his doctoral studies in the UK. The SBSP blog is at Charles thanked the many people that worked on this report and the blog to bring it to reality and to give SBSP the credibility and the opportunity that it deserves. If anyone was missed when being thanked, its an oversight, both Charles and I apologize, but we know the many people who contributed to this project on a tireless basis and all of you are very much appreciated. And this blog is exceptional and the people behind it and that made it available to us all deserve very special thanks indeed.



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05 Nov 2007 Charles Miller
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