Broadcast 4025; Gianni Martire, Luke Sellers

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Guests:  Gianni Martire, Luke Sellers; Topics:  Using LIGO data (gravity waves) to detect unnatural movement to help see signs of extra-terrestrial life.

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We welcomed Gianni Martire back to the show with Luke Sellers regarding the paper, "Searching for Intelligent Life in Gravitational Wave Signals."  Luke was the lead author of the paper which you can find in links on our blog for this show.  Do note that at times this discussion was technical and replete with physics data and analysis.  That said, if you follow the tags and key words from above which are repeated here, you will be able to follow the discussion and for the most part the order in which topics were discussed.

Tags:  Gianni Martire, Luke Sellers, Applied Physics, Searching for Intelligent Life in Gravitational Wave Signals, predicted signals, detecting movement, LIGO, SETI, electromagnetic signals, math tools, collecting wide amounts of data, AI, optical data, infrastructure needs, two US LIGO centers, Applied Physics funding, looking for objects out of place, looking for the out of the ordinary, back and forth example, radio telescopes, WARP drive, math is the key, Avi Loeb, qualities of LIGO data, detecting life as we know it, movement outside of nature, active SETI, RAMAcraft (Rapid And/or Massive Accelerating spaceCRAFT), seeing Earth-based phenomena such as earthquakes and tsunamis, software package that we implement in analyzing LIGO data, additional commercial opportunities from their LIGO software, zero biosignatures.  At various times during the discussion, our guests contrasted the LIGO search to a traditional SETI search using electromagnetic tools to find a signal. In contrast, LIGO is looking for movement, perhaps around an exoplanet that would represent out of the ordinary or unnatural movement.  Both guests explain why that type of search is important plus they go over in detail the benefits of a gravity wave (LIGO) search as compared to the traditional SETI search. Still, they regard both types of searches as essential in the effort to find life someplace in the universe.

Our guests spent time explaining gravity waves, the method of detecting them, plus their math tool which is being applied to the ET searches for unusual movement.  One thing that struck me as being very important about their work is that their math tool can also be used to generate additional commercial (paying) opportunities so that Applied Physics and their program can receive funding.  Don't miss the discussion on additional commercial opportunities.  Seldom do we find such opportunities so indeed this is a big plus for LIGO ET searches.

As said earlier in this summary, our guests believe that their LIGO tool compliments traditional SETI and that both are important.  They are not saying this one is better than that one.  In fact, even more sources of quality data would be welcome.  Another component of the discussion focused on distances and time travel for the data which moves at the speed of light.  Questions came up about real time data using LIGO.  Don't miss what our guests said about this plus the discussion on this point in the paper.  If still confused, post comments on the blog so we can get answers to clear up any listener confusion.

Near the end of the program, Fremont John called in to discuss RAMAcraft which refers to rapid and or massive accelerating spaceCRAFT according to our guests.  In fact shortly after the program ended, Luke sent me his recap and takeaway points which are repeated here:

"To recap, here are few points:

1. The term is RAMAcraft (Rapid And/or Massive Accelerating spaceCRAFT). As we mentioned on the call, this can also be found in the abstract of the paper.

2. In addition to these RAMAcraft, we can also see earth-based phenomena such as earthquakes and tsunamis. These signals travel at the speed of light, so development of this process could lead to a remarkable boost to early-warning detection systems and save thousands if not millions of lives.

3. The software package that we implement in analyzing LIGO data also has a lot of commercial applications, including noise mitigation in media signals (zoom calls) and data storage (compressing and decompressing images, video files, etc).

Let us know if you have any more questions, and thanks again!


Luke Sellers"

Please post your comments/questions for our guests on the blog for this show.  You can reach our guests through the Applied Physics organization or me here at The Space Show.




Our guests discuss their paper proveing LIGO is a powerful SETI instrument.

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05 May 2023 Gianni Martire, Luke Sellers
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