Broadcast 1150 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

05 May 2009 Dr. Charles Lurio
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Guest: Dr. Charles Lurio. Topics: The Lurio Report, NewSpace, Moon programs, ISS, Space Solar Power. Dr. Charles Lurio was our guest for this Space Show program. We started out asking Charles if he had any insights to who the new NASA Administrator might be and if one could infer anything by the delay in announcing a new administrator. Dr. Lurio had no information on the next administrator but his comments on what we could possibly infer by the delay were interesting and you will want to hear them. We then switched to talking about The Lurio Report which is an outstanding email newsletter resource for all the news in the space industry, including NewSpace. You can see samples copies, check out the details of the Lurio Report and get more information about it and subscribing by visiting Our discussion then took us into many different areas including SSP, the Ares rockets and the Constellation program, Direct 2.0 which as you will hear on the show has evolved to Direct v.3.0 to be released at ISDC 2009. However, Ross did send in a basic description of Direct 3.0 which I read on air and he will be returning to the show on June 2 so we will all have a chance to learn much more about the new Direct. Charles was bullish on an alternative to Constellation and Ares. He preferred the EELVs, the Falcon 9, or Direct. Listen to what he had to say about these various programs including Ares and Constellation in general. In response to a listener question, we talked about how we should return to the Moon and what that return would look like and who should do it, private or government. Again, a very interesting discussion. Dr. Lurio also addressed suborbital space tourism and this discussion took Charles into describing the XCOR Lynx vehicles under construction. This sparked some controversy as Bill in Virginia challenged some of the numbers Dr. Lurio was citing. This was an IM exchange with Charles but you will still want to hear the comments and points raised by both Charles and Bill. Other program topics included COTS, Dr. Mike Griffin who was the former NASA Administrator, economics, Spaceport America in New Mexico, and more. If you have a comment or question for Dr. Charles Lurio, please forward it to me at and I will pass it on to Charles.



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