Broadcast 3521 Jaume Sanpera, CEO of Sateliot

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Guest:  Jaume Sanpera, CEO of Sateliot in Barcelona, Spain; Topics: 5G IoT global communication system from space with focus on market, investment, technology, and more.

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We welcomed Jaume Sanpera, CEO of Sateliot, Inc. from Barcelona, Spain to discuss their developing 5G IoT global communication system from space.  Please visit the Sateliot for more information at  You can also use their Contact page for to sign up for the press and other announcements.  We started our two segment 90 minute discussion by asking our guest to introduce us to his company, Sateliot, and the 5G Internet of Things (IoT) technology and concept.  Most of our first segment was spent discussing the company plan to develop a global 5G IoT system with a unique marketing approach.  Not only did our guest do a great job explaining 5G and the IoT, but also their market concept, their market growth potential, investment requirements and more.  For example, an addition topic was our discussion about China and 5G along with national security challenges in doing business with the two Chinese 5G companies.  We also learned that his being a Spanish company, he cannot operate in China due to Chinese law and restrictions.  Later in the program he discussed doing business in other Asian markets, especially in India.

In talking about competition, our guest mentioned many of the players making the equipment which all conforms to the 5G standards which he said were of extreme importance.  When asked what makes Chinese 5G equipment risky given the standards being  global.  Along with a listener, this raised possible issue of  Chinese backdoor programming and things other than just serving the 5G market.  Don't miss these discussions and comments.

Jaume spent considerable time describing the technology from space his company needed to build out, including the satellite constellation.  He also said why he was not actually a competitor of what SpaceX was doing with their massive satellite constellation.  As our guest explained his market approach, he used an example to illustrate 5G power.  The example used involved slicing the market or Network Slicing which meant defining each component and bringing them all together. Listen carefully to this discussion and his response to the questions and calls regarding Sateliot plans.  It is also worth nothing how he explained the IoT so that we could all understand it in connection with 5G.

Much was said about market potential.  At one point, our guest suggested the possibly of the 5G IoT market going from 5 billion to 60 Billion by 2025.  Listen to his analysis of this projection plus the statistics he used to support his analysis.  Another related topic was the need for cheap power, low cost equipment with low cost operating parameters and then later, the need to assure a positive government regulatory regime for this technology.  Let us know what you think about this and the market he is going after by posting your comments on our blog for this program.

Based on listener questions and mine, our guest spent time on their satellite technology, having the satellites made in the UK but adding the final hardware and touches back in Spain.  The initial launch will be on a Russian rocket but after that they company is negotiating for other launchers, including those form the U.S. and of course SpaceX. 

Bill from Raleigh called to ask about the number of satellites, their architecture and if they would use ground stations.  As we learned, no ground stations. There would be no gateway between the satellite and the ground.  Listen to how he explained this process, the fact that they don't need real time communications, all of which meant they don't need ground stations. Your comments about this approach are certainly welcome on our blog.  Later, Bill sent a follow up email about using cubesats for their LEO constellation.  He wanted to know mfg information for the cubesats.  Our guest talked about their satellites in detail so don't miss the discussion.  Following Bill's call and email, more about security and China came up. 

The second segment started off with a question for our guest about a 5G Moon to Earth system given the likelihood of lunar settlements or at least an outpost in the near future.  In his answer, he talked about this being possible but now he spoke about the advantage of the type of constellation being built by SpaceX.  Be sure to listen to all of what was said on this topic.

I asked our guest if there was already being planned a next generation of technology which for question purposes I referred to as 6G. Our guest had much to say about future technology, the capacity of 5G to expand and evolve for a very long time so that 5G would be around a long time.  Jaume was then asked about using 5G for a cell phone and if it would be backwards compatible with 4G and 3G.  He said no but listen to how he said these sorts of challenges would be met and dealt with by the cell phone makers and companies.  Once again, regulatory issues came up.  One thing I brought up was that some towns and cities are trying to block 5G antennas as they believe it will endanger the health of their citizens and residents.  Jaume talked about antenna safety issues and said there was no scientific basis to the fears that some have to 5G antennas and technology.  What do you think?  Post your thoughts on our blog. 

Market growth and potential was the next big topic.  Our guest included China, Russia, Europe, India and others in this discussion.  For example, he said India wanted to use 5G to jump to the future from their older networks.  Tom asked about competitors in and the actual  technology for the European market.  This led to an interesting discussion about global connectivity and just how many around the world have no connection.  Later on, Randy from Denver asked about Iran and their connection, remembering that during their attempted revolution several years ago, the government killed all cell networks in the country to keep the people more or less in the dark and isolated from the world.  Listen to what our guest said about this.  He said since 5G was coming from satellites in space, a government could not silence the phones as easily. They could not blanket cut the network as they did a few years back.  Don't miss all of what he said on this topic.  Our guest provided us with concluding thoughts, a way to stay in touch with company information and then before signing off, I asked for a Barcelona and Spanish Covid 19 update as we all know Spain was and has been hit very hard by Covid-19.

Please post your comments/questions on our blog for this show.  You can reach our guest through me or his website listed above.




5G startup Spanish Company with space technology

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05 Jun 2020 Jaume Sanpera
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