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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Bob Zimmerman;  Topics:  Multiple space policy, legal, engineering, company, commercial and international space topics and outcomes.  AI, Bob's exploration wish list and more.

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We welcomed Bob Zimmerman back for a nearly 2 hour program with a diverse set of discussion topics plus callers and emails.  Bob started by talking about a new ESA commercial strategy, Terre Novae, to make Europe independent of other space nations and partners.  Bob wrote about it on his site plus he described the basics of the program to us during the first part of our program.  While the plan calls for prep work to get underway, implementation seems delayed until after Artemis as the European nations are committed to and working on parts of Artemis. 

In Bob's discussion, he stressed the commercial focus of the European strategy. This prompted Todd to send us an email asking Bob if there was sufficient commercial space industry business to support a rapidly expanding commercial space market.  Don't miss all of what Bob said when responding to this question.  You might be surprised by his answer.  As a result of what Bob said in response to the question, I asked Bob about his thought on our current economic conditions side railing or delaying by causing havoc in the commercial space industry, specifically the NewSpace part of the industry and those businesses dependent on capital inflows.  This short discussion then took us into the recent Ars Technica article about leaked info on Artemis delays and problems.   The spigot of information opened wide on this topic as Bob put it all out there, including commentary from several years ago.  Don't miss it.  Tell us what you think regarding Bob's analysis and opinions so post on our blog. 

Of course SpaceX was a topic, especially when their rocket and its construction was compared to SLS and the years and money spent on it compared to what SpaceX has spent on corresponding rocket development projects.  Bob talked about SLS getting started around 2004 with over $60 billion spent to date.  Don't miss Bob's comparative analysis. As we were talking about SLS, Bob was asked what would happen to Orion and the Gateway if SLS went down.  We then switched topic to the newly launched Capstone Project which is a cubesat going to the Moon. As of show time, Capstone was not calling home and the outcome of the mission was in doubt.  Bob had much to say about the mission as we all were oping that it finally started talking again. A few days later when writing this summary, it was reported that Capstone was back on air. 

Marshall called to talk about the lunar lander and Shackleton Crater.  Don't miss what Bob had to say to Marshall's question.  I took the liberty of asking Bob for his best case opinion on the success or demise of the Artemis program.  This discussion was lengthy but you do what to hear what Bob had to say in response to the questions I was asking him about the survival of Artemis.  Next, we had a new caller from Dallas that asked Bob for his personal list of solar system destination places for travel.  Bob did mention several possible destinations but with explanations for all of them.  This was a good phone call, you want to hear all of if and you should let us know what you think of Bob's destination choices.  Our caller asked Bob another question before getting off the line.  He wanted to know about Bob's interaction in interviewing Apollo astronauts was like and in any relating to and with them.  Once again, Bob's commentary might surprise you.

As we were nearing the end of the program, Linda in Seattle sent an email about the reports that the Chinese might be seeing Starlink as their national security threat.  She wanted Bob's thoughts on this possibility.  Bob was clearly not shy about speaking out on this situation and in confirming what Linda was hearing in the news.  Let us know your thoughts on China seeing Starlink as their national security threat and what they might do.  Also, since Musk has business in China, what might he do if China takes on Starlink.  John Hunt got a quick call in about a potential upcoming funeral for SLS, then he wanted to know Bob's thoughts on AI going rogue and attacking humans.   Listen to Bob to find out his thoughts.  Tim from Huntsville was our last caller on a few topics relating to truth and science as I brought up a PR notice I had received from Eric Lerner and Focus Fusion Group in that the JWST will likely refute the Big Bang Theory with its scientific findings. Listen to what I said about it and releases, how Bob processed the information, then reprocessed it when I made some clarifications.   Bob then had lots to say about scientific research censorship.  This has been topic of several Space Show programs with multiple guests.  Eric in his PR messages said that already an existing 3 person reviewed article was being blocked from publication but it was up on his website.  If you have comments about this or the notices Eric sent out, post your comments on the blog,  You an see the notices and the articles at

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Bob returns with more news, policy and space info.

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05 Jul 2022 Robert Zimmerman
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