Broadcast 784 (Special Edition)

05 Jul 2007 Dr. Stuart Eves
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Dr. Stuart Eves of Surrey Satellite Technology LTD ( was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Eves began our discussion with a brief history and overview of Surrey Satellite followed by a description of the small satellites that Surrey makes for its unique market niche. Listeners asked questions about ITAR and export issues, the Surrey Space Center academic programs and export restrictions/impact regarding students as well as international business, and Surrey's UK lunar program consisting of the two projects, MoonLITE and MoonRaker. This is a comprehensive discussion, you will want to hear it. We also talked about completion of the ISS, the need for the US to keep its completion agreements, and more. You will find Stuart's comments on the ISS to be most interesting. Galileo came up for discussion as did spy satellites, and the Chinese ASAT test. The use of various launchers for Surrey was discussed, as was the subject of European government financed space programs. This is an outstanding discussion that in my opinion is a must listen to program. Surrey Satellite Technology is a company we all need to know about and we might even find it having a US operating branch in the not too distant future. You can send your comments or questions to Dr. Eves through me at or directly to Dr. Eves at



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