Broadcast 357 (Special Edition)

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Tim Pickens returned to The Space Show for this program to discuss new developments with his company, Orion Propulsion We began the interview discussing new developments with Orion including proposals for the Hybrid Launch Vehicle program, development of igniters and RCS thrusters for the t/Space crew vehicle and the work the company is doing for the AirLaunch, LTD. program. Mr. Pickens discussed hybrid rocket engines, his work on the Space Ship One engine, and various ISPs associated with potential hybrid rocket fuels. In response to listener questions, Mr. Pickens discussed the entrepreneurial business climate, raising money, and the need for solid business planning with less PR and less rhetoric. Mr. Pickens also responded to questions about political and business in-fighting in the community and he stressed just how destructive this practice has become though he understands why it happens. You will certainly want to hear what he has to say about this from his onsite observations and involvement with this community. In response to a question from a listener, Tim explained how cautious both is company and he are regarding what they discuss and place on their website because of concerns relating to ITAR. You will certainly want to hear this program as Mr. Pickens and his company, Orion Propulsion, are involved in some very serious and real projects about which exciting announcements may soon be made. Listeners can contact Mr. Pickens through his website or as always through me at



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05 Jul 2005 Tim Pickens
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