Broadcast 634 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

05 Dec 2006 Dr. Young K. Bae
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Dr. Young K. Bae was the special guest for this Space Show program which originally aired on Tuesday morning, Nov. 28 and then again Tuesday evening, Dec. 5, 2006. Dr. Bae, has CEO of the Bae Institute in S. California (, is involved in cutting edge space related research. One product he discussed with listeners was his Photo Tether Formation Flight (PTFF) system which is applicable to satellite and spacecraft missions. Listen to his discussion to learn about PTFF and why it is so exciting. Dr. Bae discussed heavy ion nuclear fusion, his antimatter research and concepts, and his cryogenic chemical rocket concepts. Dr. Bae received listener questions about these projects and his research as well as about how best to do business with the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC). He also talked about funding issues, both specific to his work and in general for science projects. Listeners asked him questions about the space elevator, COTS, space tourism, suborbital and orbital rockets and much more. Dr. Bae does a superb job of addressing the cutting edge out of the box research projects he works on regarding space development. You will not want to miss this show. You can contact Dr. Bae with your questions and comments at



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