Broadcast 3852 John Jossy, Tom Marotta

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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guests:  John Jossy, Tom Marotta:  Topics:  Tom's new company, The Space Port Company.  In addition, the need for finding out the gravity prescription for settlement, planetary settlement, orbital settlement, children and reproduction in space plus more.

We welcome both John Jossy and Tom Marotta back to this 1 hour43 minute discussion starting with Tom introducing us to his new business, The Spaceport Company, then switching over for the bulk of our discussion regarding the need for the gravity prescription for settlement, reproduction and children as an essential for space settlement, lunar, Martian and spinning for artificial gravity on the planetary surface and for the O'Neill like orbital village contemplated down the road by our guests.

Tom started out by introducing us to his new company, The Spaceport Company. He explained his plan for mobile launch and reentry planforms off shore to facilitate a much higher launch rate at a lower cost needed to jump start space settlement.  Listen to Tom as he explained his business plan, timelines, and initial locations for his mobile offshore launch facilities.  You can learn more about Tom's new business at  For more information, contact Tom which you can do through his new company website or via

After about 15-20 minutes, we switched to primary program topic, the essential need to determine the gravity prescription for human spaceflight.  John presented the case and the cause as he had done on man Space Show programs.  Tom also supported the need though the two had some differences in their opinion.  At one point I took issue with John assuming the only settlements would be those supporting children, families and reproduction, hence we must know the gravity prescription. I pointed out that there might be settlements on a planetary surface or in free space that do not depend on or want children.  As you will hear, the balance of the show was a discussion on just how essential it was and is to find the gravity prescription for humans in space.  We discussed why we have not yet done so, private sector money for settlement as compared to using public money, different concepts including those suggested by Joe Carroll with his work and on his recent Space Show programs, the dumbbell model.   I suggest you listen to the entire program as our guests provided substantial detail, factual information and our listeners asked relevant email questions plus the calls were very important.  Rather than attempt to summarize all the facts, I believe it will suffice to say that our guests did a great job in addressing the subject matter and making the case for the need to find out the gravity prescription for humans in space.  Note that they talked about variable gravity rates, how to figure out if one or another rate was better and for what, plus they both gave us timelines for settlement and even figuring out the gravity prescription, probably by the private sector, not NASA.

Email comments and questions from multiple listeners helped make the case for settlement using all sorts of beliefs and "facts."  Climate change got cited, so did the need to end fossil fuels suggesting how they were contributing to resource shortages and problems for people on Earth.  I responded to those types of comments, refuting the listeners conclusions.  We would like your opinion on these matters so post it on our blog for this show.  A few email listeners pointed out that not all of the population is in favor of what our guests were talking about so they asked for the ways the guests would refute naysayer arguments, articles, interviews, and positions.

We had an excellent call from Joe Carroll who wanted to talk about what our guests were  presenting in the context of Joe's work over the past decades on this subject.  For sure you want to hear every word of the call with Joe and our guests.  We also heard from Dr. Doug regarding Elon Musk goals and interests plus his perspective on settlement which in ways contrasted with the perspective of our guests.  Again, don't miss it.

In summary, there was so much quality content in this program you really need to listen to it.  Make sure you post your comments on the discussion on our blog.  Both the guests and I along with all of our audience want to hear from you.

Please post questions/comments on the blog for this show. You can reach John or Tom through me plus Tom can be reached through his website above.  John can be reached through his blog,




Space settlement, the gravity RX, and more

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05 Apr 2022 John Jossy, Thomas Marotta
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