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Guest:  Dr. Matt Caplan;  Topics:  His recent reviewed paper on how the universe might end plus a variety of physics questions on multiple topics. His paper has the title, "Black Dwarf supernova in the Far Future."

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We welcomed back to the show Dr. Matt Caplan to discuss his recent reviewed paper, "Black Dwarf Supernova in the Far Future."  I posted links to download and print the paper on the blog, plus there are additional links for science news stories about Dr. Caplan's work and the end of the universe going out with bang.  During our one segment 88 minute discussion, we covered lots of ground with physics and math, all of which were part of his analysis for his paper.  As with earlier shows, I am summarizing this program by repeating the key words and tags below.

Key Words/Tags:  "Black Dwarf supernova in the Far Future," large numbers with scientific notation, how the universe ends, supernovae, known physics, new physics, peer review process, graduate students and politics, iron, nuclear, fast moving objects, interstellar objects, spontaneous fusion, other universes, parallel universes, multi-verse theory, string theory, dark matter, dark energy, planets, Dr. Roger Penrose, magic, white dwarf transition to black dwarf, electron degeneration process, black dwarfs and iron, unexplained observations, Kabbala and physics, natural world, metaphysics, mystical beliefs, contributing to science or making a prediction, academic path suggestions for students, on-line physics and science lectures, general public interest i

n physics, physics and death, ET existence, math, male and female physics students,  physics and weapons, YouTube channel, Kurzgesagt ( 

In addition to the Dr. Caplan's discussion we had several listener phone calls and emails.  Note that a good portion of the discussion was physics oriented.  I know this may frustrate some of you (as it does me) that do not have a strong physics background but I assure you our guest did a terrific job in explaining his research, the science, the math and the very large numbers, plus his open-mindedness for different outcomes than predicted by in his paper.  Don't get frustrated if you are short on the science part, stick with it and I bet you understand most if not all of the advanced science discussed during this interview.  Furthermore, Dr. Caplan said he would respond to listeners posting question on the blog (I will make sure he sees them and post responses on his behalf) so don't be shy about asking questions or posting your own commentary.

Several topics stood out for me.  Early in the discussion, I asked Matt how one can peer review something so far out that cannot really be verified.  Our guest like the question and spent some time with us responding by talking about the review process and the known laws of physics.  In fact, the known laws of physics were a large part of our discussion while still remaining open to the idea that there might be something else out there still needing to be discovered.  You will hear strings about this topic all through our discussion.  Let us hear from you with a post on the blog as we want to know your thoughts regarding known physics, the laws of physics and might there be something yet to be discovered. Part of this then dealt with another interesting question regarding alternate or other universes.  Listen to what our guest said in response to those questions and how and why the physics laws we know and work with likely are the same should there be other universes.

Another short topic I found interesting was when Matt was asked if he had grad students work on the paper with him.  Don't miss what he said about this and how such far out work might work against a student's career.  Another significant part of the discussion focused on supernovae and iron. Don't miss what he said on these topics for this discussion was fundamental to his work in predicting how the universe might end.  Another topic I found of interest was when our guest talked about needing to do experiments to validate information.  He used string theory as an example but said that experimental physics has a hard time in coming up with the needed experiments.  This was another interesting and compelling discussion. 

Later in the program, Matt was asked about time lines.  Here, we got into some really big numbers.  Have fun with them but do pay attention.

Ft. Worth John called to talk about the impact of planets with the end of the universe, not just starts.  Matt said all objects were involved including comets, stars, planets, and such.  Once again, note what he said about iron and dark energy.  John brought up the work of Roger Penrose and the two of them had quite the mini-discussion on the cosmology work of Penrose and others.  Before leaving this discussion, Matt strongly said that there was no magic that could change the outcome.  Listen carefully to what he said about magic and outcomes. 

Fremont John called in to talk about a white dwarf evolving to a black dwarf.  Here, the subject of electron degeneration came up along with the impact of decreasing pressure and what that might mean or indicate.  Once again, Matt talked about iron and a super nova event.  Todd sent in an email about scientists that may disagree with his work.  Matt talked about unexplained observations and the need to be open minded in physics.  He talked about how scientists can be influenced by the people they studied with and under. This was a very interesting part of our discussion so don't miss it.

As we were nearing the end of the program, I made a sharp turn in our discussion to ask our guest some more or less spiritual and mystical questions based on physics.  For example, I once again brought up the topic of Kabbala, the Tree of Life, Dark energy and physics, plus Kabbalistic rabbis that were also doctorates in physics or related fields.  Matt had a very interesting take on this so listen carefully to what he said.  He also brought into the discussion some of the famous Richard Feynman debates on related topics with Yeshiva students.  Our discussion was enhanced with an email from Jack in Las Vegas wanting to know what academic courses he or others should take to be schooled in the subjects being discussed on air.  Don't miss what Matt suggested as study material but also what he said about selecting the right type of academic science or physics program for graduate work.  Another email came in asking if Matt would do online lectures for people, much like those brought up on other shows by Ft. Worth John.   Matt pointed to a YouTube channel, Kurzgesagt ( that he and other participate on that has some of that type of material but he left it open as to his doing online lectures down the road. 

As we were closing in on the end of the program, George from Iowa asked our guest about the public interest in physics.  Linda followed that up wanting to know if Matt thought physics would ever tell us what was on the other side of being dead.  This turned out to be quite an interesting short discussion about the brain and hard drives as in computers.  Don't miss it.  Ft. Worth John sent in a very short email with a to the point question.  For sure you will want to hear me read the question and then hear what Matt had to say in response.  Moving along, Matt was asked for his thought on the reality of ET. 

Matt offered concluding and summarizing points dealing with math and the very large numbers referenced in his paper.  Before signing off, he was asked about the mix of male and female students in his classes.  He also got a late question about weapon development and research in the field of physics.

Please post your comments/questions for Dr. Caplan on our blog for this show.  You can reach Dr. Caplan through is faculty page at Illinois State University.  He can also be reached through me as well as our blog for this program. 




the last astrophysical explosions for the universe

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04 Sep 2020 Dr. Matthew Caplan
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