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Guest: Dr. Pat Hynes: Topics: International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS), commercial human spaceflight, flight safety. Dr. Patricia (Pat) Hynes returned to The Space Show to discuss the upcoming ISPCS for this year, Oct. 21-22, 2009, in Las Cruces, NM. To learn more about the Symposium and for travel and registration information, please visit . In the first segment, Dr. Hynes provided us with an overview of this year’s ISPCS and we spoke about the symposium which is entitled "Delivering on the Promise of Spaceflight for Mankind." Pat introduced us to the flight safety panel and provided us with the parameters of flight safety for commercial spaceflight that would be examined by the panel. We talked about the keynote by Gary Payton, Deputy Undersecretary of the Air Force, Space Systems, and we discussed the conference hotel and online registration. Please note that the block of rooms being held at Hotel Encanto in Las Cruces expires on Sept. 11. In the second segment, we continued talking about conference logistics and facilities, and then focused on the OPS Panel presentation. Pat mentioned that 60% of operating costs are spent on ground operations and that the panel would examine that fact. We continued with the topic of human spaceflight and the proper scaling of it to meet the needs of the developing commercial industry. You will definitely want to hear what Dr. Hynes said about the extremes of both sides of this issue. A listener asked about the business focus of the symposium and if that had something to do with the fact that Pat has her PhD in Business Administration rather than in a science or engineering field. Pat discussed her perspective in some detail, do not miss it. In the third segment, Dr. Hynes mentioned the Augustine Panel programming on the agenda. She also said there would be a panel discussion noting that 40% of the people who have signed up for a ride on Virgin are pilots. This panel, led by NASA's Michael "LA" Lopez-Alegria, will look at the pilot experience relative to suborbital spaceflight participation. Point to Point travel was also mentioned in this segment as well. Dr. Hynes then referenced the Imaginvoa survey that will be part of a panel discussion. Another panel looks at technology and engineering to see what can enable research universities and the forward progress of this industrial development. Toward the end of this segment, we talked about the Ice Hotel in Sweden and applied some lessons learned with the Ice Hotel to commercial space development. The Ice Hotel will be part of a symposium presentation. In the fourth segment, we learned that Dr. Alan Stern will direct a panel to examine the suborbital future extending beyond space tourism to include the university research and development market. In the spaceport section of the program, not only is New Mexico's own Spaceport America discussed, but there will be representatives present from Florida, Sweden, and Abu Dhabi. Toward the end of the program, Dr. Hynes reminded us that there is an Early Bird Registration that closes soon, that attire can be casual, and that the money from this symposium all goes to students as this is a workforce development program. If you have any questions or comments for Dr. Pat Hynes or about the ISPCs, please use the Contact page on their website, . Or you can email your comment or question to . If you do this, please reference The Space Show in the subject line.



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04 Sep 2009 Dr. Patricia Hynes
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