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Guest:  James Burk;  Topics:  James talks about the upcoming Mars Society Convention to be held at Arizona State University from Oct. 20-23 in Tempe, Az.

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We welcomed back James Burk, Mars Society Executive Director, to update us on the upcoming Mars Society Conference to be held at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ from Oct. 20-23.  The theme for the conference is "Searching For Life With Heavy Lift."  James started out by describing some of the conference logistics, letting us know that it was a hybrid for both in-person attendance and virtual attendance.  He proceeded to provide in-person and virtual attendance which included being a member of The Mars Society.  Please follow along with our discussion from the convention website,  You can see the list of keynote speakers, the planned events including the live music event and the banquet, the hotel choices and the presentation tracks.  Most of our program dealt with the conference but later we went into some Mars specific questions with the listeners. 

Listener questions and calls focused on space settlement with Mars but also in free space.  One email listener specifically asked for the Mars Society position on the need for determining the gravity re for humans BELO in long duration spaceflight.  Another listener asked our guest for a progress report on how we are doing in getting humans to Mars.  Don't miss how James responded to that question.  Other topics talked about in addition to the conference included a potential 10 ton human lander for Mars, power on Mars, and the need for leadership to get humans to Mars.  Our guest suggested that team leadership would come from the president and he was optimistic this would happen.  James had lots to say about leadership, including coming from the president so don't miss his comments on this topic.

Listeners had several questions about the hybrid aspects of the conference, wanting to know about both the in-person and virtual attendance. James talked about virtual being made available to Mars Society members so its important you hear how he explained the logistics for this hybrid event.  By the way, yet another topic discussed was orbital construction.  James also brought up the recent paper by Dr. Zubrin and his co-author on "How To Search For Life On Mars."  Bob was a recent Space Show guest on this article so listen to the program from August 9 if you have not yet heard it.  You can find his paper on The Mars Society website and also at The New Atlantis.  Before ending our program, Joe asked about design contests and drumming up more interest in humans for Mars.  He said that NASA avoids creating that interest so he asked James for ideas on how to create and drive that interest among the public for humans on Mars.  Don't miss this ending mini discussion.

Please post your comments/questions for James on our blog for this show.  If you have conference questions, follow the information links on the conference website above.




James talks Mars Society Big Event/Conference. See

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04 Oct 2022 James Burk
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