Broadcast 1437 (Special Edition)

04 Oct 2010 Dennis Stone
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Guest: Dennis Stone. Topics: World Space Week, space education in the classroom. We welcomed Dennis Stone back to the program to discuss World Space Week which is Oct. 4-10 of each year. Please note that you are invited to comment, ask questions, and rate this program on the new Space Show blog, In our first segment, Mr. Stone provided us with the background for World Space Week, including when it became part of the United Nations which was in 1999. You can learn more about World Space Week by visiting We also talked about the independence of the various events supporting World Space Week and the EADS Astrium commitment to the program throughout Europe. As you will hear, new events can be added all the time and since World Space Week continues through this weekend, there is still time to do something during this week and add it to the their website calendar. We talked about NASA and other national space agency support for World Space Week and why its always Oct. 4-10 each year. As you will hear, Oct. 4 honors Sputnik and Oct. 10 honors the Outer Space Treaty. We concluded this segment with a discussion about volunteering to help out during World Space Week. In our second segment, we continued talking about volunteering, then Dennis fielded listener questions about his NASA job regarding COTS and commercial crew challenges. I then asked Dennis about the aerospace industry support for the program and the Bangladesh Astronomical Society. Dennis had quite about to say about this astronomical society and World Space Week in developing countries around the world. Later in this segment, we talked about the Heinlein Teacher Guide along with the ESA Teacher Guide, suggestions for using them in schools, and how best to get the teacher to mention this in the classroom during World Space Week. Dennis also mentioned Earth Day as a model for the space week program. Commercial space issues were mentioned along with international cooperation. As we started our third segment, Dennis cited the ISS as a great asset and example for international cooperation in space. A listener asked about uploading pictures from World Space Week events to the website and another asked about White House support for World Space Week. Another listener asked about holding events at various military bases in the US and abroad. I asked about plans for the 2011 World Space Week and we learned that it was going to be special since it was the 50th anniversary of human space flight. Many historical and forward looking programs and events are being planned for next year. Dennis was asked about joint programming with those behind Earth Day and about originating ISS programs for World Space Week. If you have questions or comments for Dennis Stone about World Space Week, you can post them on the Space Show blog URL above. You can also use Please reference The Space Show and Dennis Stone.



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