Broadcast 725 (Special Edition)

04 Jun 2007 Thomas A. Olson
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Tom Olson was the guest for this special Space Show program intended to update us on the ISDC conference that just ended in Dallas, TX. Please note that for this interview, there were audio issues with the telephone line with Tom that could not be cleared for this show. I asked Tom to tell us his favorite talk at ISDC was and while he said there were not major show stoppers as there were last year with the luncheon talk by Burt Rutan, he did say he was very impressed with Alex Tai and also talks in the business track. He also talked about his own talk in the business track and this brought us to a discussion of a his newly launched Exodus Consulting Group along with Shubber Ali. As we returned from the first break, Tom did elaborate on Exodus, its target market, what it hopes to accomplish and more. Listeners interested in learning more about Exodus can send Tom a note at or use the contact email address at the Space Cynics website as Tom is one of the four contributors to Space Cynics. You can read Space Cynics at When Space Cynics entered the discussion, several listeners sent in questions about the blog, including one listener that asked Tom is we were just out to be negative in posting to Cynics or if Tom thought we were doing some good and offering instructive information. You will want to hear Tom's reply to this question. Another listener wanted to know about the Space Cynics Walking Eagle Awards so there was a brief discussion about the first Cynics Walking Eagle as well as upcoming awards. One listener who heard Tom's talk in the business track asked Tom to elaborate on air about what he said at ISDC so Tom spent some time taking us through the essence of his talk about due diligence, business decision making and planning, the attraction of capital, and the use of venture capital versus raising other capital. In fact, Tom received yet another listener question wondering why venture capital always seems so attractive to start-up space companies when in fact its probably not suited for this market. Tom supported the listener question and offered us some excellent insights when he answered the question. Listener Dave Huntsman called in during the last segment of the show with some very good questions and comments regarding ISDC, NASA, and the VSE. You certainly want to listen to the exchange with Tom and Dave. If you have questions or comments for Tom Olson, use or you can send them through me at



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