Broadcast 504 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

04 Jun 2006 Jeff Krukin
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Jeff Krukin returned to The Space Show (SFF) to update us all on the new Space Frontier Foundation. During this program, Jeff, who is the Executive Director for SFF, spoke about the new projects being undertaken by SFF including the New Space 2006 conference scheduled for Las Vegas in July of this year. This conference has combined the previous SFF Return to the Moon Conference and the former annual fall conference into one larger conference which is now designated New Space 2006. Jeff explains the decision making to create this new, enhanced super conference and he talks about the programming we can expect at this year's first ever New Space 2006 Conference. He also brought us up to speed on other Foundation projects including Teachers in Space, the Space Enterprise Symposium, and NewSpace State/Local Economic, and the Vision Project. You can contact Jeff with your comments and questions by sending email to him at



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