Broadcast 749 (Special Edition)

04 Aug 2007 Monte Davis
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Monte Davis was the guest for this almost two hour special Space Show program. Mr. Davis had as a focus for this show to discuss the Space Shuttle and lessons learned from it, if any. As such, this program looks at the question of cheap space access, the role of the shuttle, our expectations, RLVs and much more. Monte went into detail about the difficulty of accessing space and why the systems in place now and the programs we are now developing it work against cheap access. He also talked about the role of the private sector, what it can likely do and not do, space tourism, and much more. Several listeners asked him many questions about the problem as he defined it and how best to undertake a plan that does lead us to low cost space access so we can develop a space-faring capability. You will want to hear the questions and his answers. Also, toward the end of the program, he was challenged by a listener for making it more difficult to raise investment capital by saying and even writing the things he was talking about on today's program. For sure, you will want to hear his response to this listener. He also has a proposal and action plan for how to move forward, through small steps, incrementalization. You will definitely want to hear his program. You can continue asking Monte Davis questions or sending him your comments at



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