Broadcast 922 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

04 Apr 2008 Jim Lewis
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Guest: Jim Lewis was the guest for this Space Show program. Jim is the managing director of the Deep Space Communications Network and is the facilitator of The Space Show Deep Space Messages. Jim returns for this program to update us on deep space communications and to discuss this topic in a broad and general way. All of their deep space communications, including those by Space Show guests, can be found on their archive page, Also, all Space Show Deep Space Messages are archived on The Space Show website. Use Guest Search for "Deep Space Message" to find the dates of the archived messages. During this program, Jim talked about the power needed to transmit a message to deep space and explained how and why the message degrades in approximately four years. In response to listener questions, he was asked about targeting a specific location in space to send a message. He tells us that he gets this request often, but does not have the software or calculations for doing it. I recommended he check out the program "Red Shift" to see if it would do what he needed, but if any listeners to this program have another idea or suggestion for software that would enable his targeting a specific deep space destination, please send it to both Jim Lewis and me. Another listener asked him about home kits or systems that would allow someone to transmit and receive deep space messages from their home. You will want to hear his response to this question and how he explains it. Another issue that was discussed in detail focused on the issue of if we should even be transmitting messages to deep space since this would show any civilizations receiving our broadcasts where Earth is located. You will want to hear this discussion. In the last segment of the show, Jim Lewis asked me why I created the One Giant Leap Foundation and what it does since it's new since he was last on the program. I discuss with him my ideas regarding space education, why One Giant Leap was started, some of the projects I am interested in doing and why I even do The Space Show since it is still financially costly for me. I'm sure you will want to hear this discussion. The last thirty minutes of this show was dedicated to Open Lines and among other questions, I was asked what the strangest questions I have ever asked on air was! You will want to hear my response. If you have follow up questions or comments for Jim Lewis, please send them to him at



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