Broadcast 1029 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

03 Oct 2008 Dr. Bob Krone
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Guest: Dr. Bob Krone was with us today to discuss scientific breakthroughs for intelligence here on Earth and in space, the ATWG, their new book, their upcoming conference at NASA Ames from Dec. 9-11, 2008, SSP, the Hawaiian Demonstration, and the Kepler Academy. We went into detail about all of these subjects during the show, starting with the intelligence discussion and the work being done by Dr. Ben-Jacobs and Dr. Isaacson. This work will likely influence how we do things in the future, both here on Earth and in space, so listen carefully to this cutting edge discussion. We next put our attention on ATWG and the new book that is being written under the auspices of Dr. Sherry Bell. You can find out more about ATWG and their upcoming conference, even do the online registration, by just visiting . A major discussion topic for today's show was space solar power and the Hawaii Demonstration, part of which was filmed for the Discovery TV Network as one of the shows for their Planet Earth series. Bob explains the experiment and the work of Drs. Mankins and Marzwell, so you will want to hear what he has to say. We also discussed the economics of SSP and the launch systems needed to get this infrastructure into space so definitely listen to this discussion. We then edged forward to electric cars, state of the energy industry reporting being worked on by Mike Snead (a previous guest on the show), and an overall energy discussion. As we entered the final segment of the show, we talked about the Kepler Academy in Edmonds, Washington and the program being implemented, including the 1,000 Earth Space Stations. We made time at the very end of the program for Bob to share is quasi-UFO story with us based on his experience with George Von Tassle at the Giant Rock Airport, California in 1963. You can contact Dr. Bob Krone with comments, questions, feedback, and more at To find out more about the cutting edge book, "Beyond Earth," please visit .



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