Broadcast 1048 (Special Edition)

03 Nov 2008 Paul Breed
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Guest: Paul Breed of Unreasonable Rockets was the guest for this Space Show program. Please visit his blog for more information. We started our discussion with Paul talking about the history of Unreasonable Rocket as to how he started it, how he got his son interested in working with him building rockets, and even why he named the company as he did. We also talked about his efforts to compete in the Lunar Lander Challenge over the years up to the current year and why he did not enter this year. You will find his story and experiences to be most interesting. We also talked about rocket testing and the facilities he used. Paul told us where the facilities are that he uses, he described them and the cooperative effort in building and maintaining them, and other facilities close by. In fact, we discussed some of the and armature rocketry infighting that resulted in the two rocket test centers. Paul's operation is very transparent and he even put all his AST papers, permits, and filings on the website. In response to his disclosures about his rocket and AST, he was asked about ITAR issues since one does not know who may or may not be seeing or reading this material. Paul said he posts everything in public domain and textbooks or other books used are all public domain so he does not have ITAR issues. We also discussed engineering and science education, out-of-the-box thinking and behavior, the necessity, or not, of having an advanced graduate degree, such as a doctorate, or more hands-on experience building and operating things. This is a very important part of our discussion, so listen carefully to what Paul has to say about this subject as well as our engineering education in general in the country. There is much to this interview that you will want to hear and I am sure that Paul Breed will be back on The Space Show as his work and projects continue. If you have a question or comment for Paul, please email him at You will have to comply with his spam filter ID process if you want to engage Paul Breed with a question or discussion.



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