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Guests: Tom Olson, Robert Jacobson. Topics: Space Investment Summit #8, commercial space investments. Our guests joined us for this program to talk about the upcoming 8th Space Investment Summit Conference to be held on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 from 8:30AM-6:30PM at the InterContiental Chicago Hotel O'Hare Airport in Chicago. For more information, please visit In our first segment, Tom and Robert provided us with a short history for the Space Investment Summit program and how each program targets a special niche in the market, aspect of the industry, and market. Our guests went through the proposed agenda, told us who the speakers were, some of the panels, and we talked about the content. The point was made that those in attendance learn how to make an effective "pitch" for your proposal. Networking opportunities were brought up and as you will hear, are exciting and dynamic. We talked about space R&D programs and at the end of this first segment, we talked about R&D as was carried out with the old NACA organization. Tom talked about related fields that were part of the focus for SIS 8 including alternative energy, biotech, nanotechnology, etc. As we started the second segment, a listener asked about the status of commercial space investment today, particularly in NewSpace, and if we should expect an investment bubble in this targeted investment community. You will want to hear what our guests had to say in response to this question. Another listener asked about the line between NewSpace and commercial space within the administration policy and FY11 proposals. Our guests and I agreed that the lines are fuzzy at best. Don't miss this discussion. Listener Reda asked what types of businesses were being overlooked or not yet part of the SIS series of meetings. Our guests thought that SIS was fairly inclusive. Tim called in from Huntsville to talk about point to point suborbital transportation and he eventually brought up the ramjet skipping model for point to point. This is another discussion you will want to hear though the guests and I were not so kind to point to point emerging from the suborbital industry. Later in this segment, Robert talked about his experiences in the morning at JPL for a business roundtable meeting and I asked about the commercial, private, and NewSpace awareness level of those at the meeting. No surprises in the response Robert provided us, but then we do understand the tight focus and time constraints for the type of work being done by these engineers at JPL as well as other NASA centers. Robert had some important observations for us to consider so please listen carefully. Our guests talked about investment in the COTS program and also Earth imaging which is showing how useful it is with regards the BP Gulf of Mexico well in addition to the Icelandic volcano. Toward the end of the program, Robert and Tom talked about the logistics for SIS 8 at the hotel, the registration process, and the registration costs. Before the program ended, we talked about the NANORACK project and Cubesats being part of SIS 8. If you want to send a question or comment to Tom, Robert, or both, for Tom, please forward it to me at and I will forward it to him. Robert can be reached through any of these websites:; and



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03 May 2010 Robert Jacobson, Thomas A. Olson
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