Broadcast 333 (Special Edition)

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Alan Boyle was the guest for this Space Show program. We talked about his work as's science editor, covering hydrocarbon formation theory to dinosaurs, and then on to space. Mr. Boyle was in Florida at the Cape for the dress rehearsal for the coming Discovery shuttle flight and reported to us on what was going on today as well as sharing his views with us on return to flight. We also discussed the ISS, repairing Hubble, the private sector entrepreneurial launch companies, space tourism, and the entire effort at commercial space industrialization. Mr. Boyle was asked questions about how space was regarded by people he meets and his peers in the news reporting and journalism fields. He reported that people were excited about the prospects for new space opportunities. We also discussed the new space vision, going on to the Moon and Mars. And while Mr. Boyle has some concerns, he is overall optimistic. He has a great interest in the private sector and we spent some significant time discussing the role of the private sector in space development. Listeners will be able to contact Mr. Boyle through the website or you can do so by sending your note to



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03 May 2005 Alan Boyle
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