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We welcomed Dr. Sean Casey back to the program for this 92 minute commercial space industry discussion.  During the first segment of our discussion, Dr. Casey introduced us to and talked about the Silicon Valley Space Center (SVSC), the programming it offers, and the organization's expansion plans throughout the Bay Area.  If you are interested in the organization or joining it, visit  Dr. Casey talked about the new Moon Watcher program which is a Kickstarter effort.  See for details. 

Before the segment ended, I brought up space infrastructure as I have on previous Space Show programs.  You will hear more about that in the next segment. Dr. Casey also  started discussing the New York Center for Space Entrepreneurship and the effort underway to involved all the states and some of their resources toward commercial space activity.  We talked more about this in the second segment of the program. 

In our second segment, Sean led off with more about the New York Center.  You can find out more by visiting their website,  In addition to talking about the New York Center, Sean pointed out similar efforts in other states including Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and California.  He also talked about opening some sort of center in Vermont which was ranked 50th of all the states in space commerce.  He wanted to have the top #1 state which was California plus the bottom state, Vermont, represented in this new outreach program.  Don't miss what our guest had to say about the New York program and the nationwide effort in this direction. 

Listeners asked several email questions.  Helen wanted to know if NASA supported the SVSC and commercial space efforts.  Paul asked if there were money making NewSpace types of successes that could serve as role models for the industry.  This led Sean to talk about several mergers and acquisitions that had already taken place within the emerging commercial space and NewSpace industry.  Sean pointed out the potential industrial and financial success resulting from participants engaged in the Google Lunar XPrize project which should have a victor by late this year.  Sean also pointed out coming commercial flights by both Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic. 

Before the segment ended, Lonny wanted to know about the possible contribution of artificial intelligence to the emerging commercial space industry.  Sean said it would be a big contribution and gave some examples.  Don't miss what he said.   He then went back to talking about the significant impact coming from commercial lunar activities. 

In Sean's closing comments, he said that "the Moon is going to be big!"  Please post your comments/questions on TSS blog for this program on our website.  You can reach Dr. Casey using the email address he gave out on air or the SVSC website or me.




Commercial space, Silicon Valley space and more

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03 Mar 2017 Dr. Sean Casey
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