Broadcast 992 (Special Edition)

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Guests: Andrea Seastrand and Janice Dunn with Matt Everingham of the California Space Authority (CSA), followed by Ken Davidian of NASA, followed by Jim Buenrostro of the team Technology Ranch at the NASA Lunar Regolith Challenge at Cal Poly were our guests for this set of taped interviews. We start this set of interviews with a message from me, your host of the Space Show, regarding the Falcon 1 launch attempt and my comments about it. As you will hear, I relate these comments and events to the Challenge which took place at Cal Poly this weekend. My introductory message leads into a great interview with Andrea, Janice, and Matt about CSA, space in California, space economics, how to influence the public and members of Congress about space, and much more. You will want to hear this segment and learn about CSA and all that it is doing. Next, Ken Davidian takes through a walking tour of a great website wiki that he has created which is sure to be a terrific tool for us in the space community and those interested in space information and research. His website is the Commercial Space PBWiki and you can access it at As Ken takes us through it and shows us what is on it, you will want to follow along with him. The final interview is with Jim Buenrostro, a member of the team Technology Ranch which won the awards at the Lunar Regolith Challenge this weekend, but again, nobody won the grand prize. Jim describes what his team built, what happened, what it's like working with the regolith simulant and much, much more. If you want to contact Andrea, Janice, or Matt, visit the California Space Authority website ( and click on Staff and their email addresses are there for you to use or you can send a note to me and I will forward it. Ken provides his email address on air several times or you will find it on the wiki website. If you have a question or comment for Jim, send it to me at



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