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Guest: Dr. Adam Frank. Topics: Science vs. Religion, spirituality, space travel, the night sky, science education, faith. Dr. Adam Frank was our guest in this continuation of the Space Show series, "Our Spiritual Connection To Outer-Space." Dr. Frank discussed his new book, "The Constant Fire: Beyond the Science vs. Religion Debate." We began our discussion talking about spirituality, religion, and science. Dr. Frank told us how he came up with the title for his book as it refers to the human aspiration to know what is real and true. He then framed the traditional science vs. religious debate for us and then we talked about reframing the debate outside the tradition. We covered many topics including spirituality, mythology, science, God, faith, and more. I believe you will find this to be a most interesting discussion and consider his book to be a superb read. For more information about the book, visit . During our discussion, Dr. Frank merges science together with religion and spirituality in many different ways and shows us different ways of seeing and relating to these disciplines. He takes back centuries to early Irish Neolithic monuments and we talked about how early people observed much more in the night sky more easily merged science, life, and their religion with myths and rituals. Visit Dr. Frank's website, where you will find links to his blog for comments and discussion. If you want to send Dr. Adam Frank comments or questions, please do so at .



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03 Apr 2009 Dr. Adam Frank
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