Broadcast 209 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

03 Apr 2004 Shubber Ali
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Shubber Ali, the Managing Director of AstroVision Australia and experienced former Manager of KPMG Space Consulting in Washington, DC was the guest on today's Space Show. Mr. Ali, one of the most focused and sharpest space business guests to appear on The Space Show, began the discussion, with a push from me, by talking about the famous and most respected KPMG Outlook space industry business report, marketing and other space business reports and research documents. He pointed out how difficult it is to create a totally independent, credible report when sponsorship, advertising, or otherwise supporting participation makes the report or document possible. We shifted gears and spoke about the Bush space policy program and the goal of returning to the Moon and going on to Mars. Mr. Ali explained to Space Show listeners why these are not the best objectives to have for a space program and the financial and economic difficulties involved in realizing such goals. He suggests that the Moon/Mars discussion is a red herring! Mr. Ali points out the likely difficulty in selling such goals to congress and the American people over more tangible needs and goals that impact more people in the country lots faster than any impact produced by going to the Moon or Mars. The absence of a national incentive such as beating the former Soviet Union in the space race is a fundamental ingredient missing in the space world today. Mr. Ali continued his discussion pointing out the areas in which the private sector can and should prevail in space development and how best to obtain affordable space access which as he says is the key to becoming space-faring and truly expanding space commerce. He also spoke at length about the International Space Station, outsourcing of jobs, the commercial airline business with Boeing and Airbus, the launch industry, and much more. In conclusion, Mr. Ali spoke about his Australian company AstroVision, its projects and plans. He also spoke about his economic and industry model, the commercial space value chain analysis, showing how it can be applied to ventures such as what he is leading AstroVision in doing. I recommend that you do not miss this program as Mr. Ali has lots to say and he said quite a bit of it on this edition of The Space Show. This ninety minute program does not do justice to the analysis, information, and viewpoints that Mr. Ali can share with Space Show listeners. Thus, Shubber Ali has agreed to return to the program in the near future to do an extended Space Show interview. Please look for that announcement in the Space Show newsletter posted to the website and emailed to subscribers.



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