Broadcast 765 (Special Edition)

02 Sep 2007 Reda Anderson, David Gan, Dr. Lawrence Kuznetz, Dr. William Rowe
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This is the second of three Mars Society Conference program recorded live at the 2007 conference. The part of this program is a private space tourism presentation by Dr. Larry Kuznetz to Reda Anderson and myself. Larry gives this presentation on cruise ships to general cruise ship audiences. The second part of this program has The Space Show going bar hopping though the second bar would not permit us to record in it. The first location for the evening, the bar at the very exclusive Bel Aire Hotel gives you a glimpse of what space and Mars cadets do when not actually at the conference sessions. Also, as you will discovered, we did a quick Q&A to our waitress to test her space awareness. Perhaps you will be surprised with her comments as were all of us. Finally, you will hear David Gan on this tape. David was part of the Normandy invasion to end WW2 and stormed Utah Beach in the third wave of soldiers going on shore. I asked him if he was looking for Mars when storming the beach or on the beach. I don't know if his answer will surprise you or note. If you have a question or comment for any of our guests on this program, Reda Anderson, Dr. Larry Kuznetz, Dr. Bill Rowe, David Gans, or myself, send it to and I will get an answer or reply to you.



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