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Welcome to our Open Lines discussion.  During the first segment of our 2 hour 19 minute program, we started off with a call from former Space Show gust Tihomir Dimitrov who was at the conference to see and hear the Musk talk in person.  Our called talked about how Elon Musk has inspired him to work in the space industry, even in his home country of Bulgaria.  He gave us his impression of the talk plus he spoke about the Q&A session.  Both Listeners and I asked him questions about what Musk may have said about planetary protection, human factors, and life support.

Other topics during the first segment included questions about what Musk thought his Mars settlers would do on Mars.  Also, was there a business model for sending people to Mars.  Barry from Alamo, CA called to say the plan was exciting and then posed a slightly different questions by asking how much should it cost to be favorable, not just plausible.  This triggered an economic discussion about humans going to Mars costs.  In fact, Barry suggested a theme for a show, "Back of the Envelope" where we look at the Mars human mission from a cost and economic perspective.  We batted around a few variations on the cost them.  I will be in touch with Barry to see if we can develop his idea for a show or part of a show.

In the second part of our program, John Hunt was our first caller. He wanted to talk about the Musk Mars plans. He said it was a good visionary program but seemed a bit over the top.  He also talked about life support for a mission and maybe doing exploration like missions before sending the large group of people to Mars.  I asked John for his impression of the sabotage theory re the Falcon 9 explosion as I had known he had read the same Washington Post article I read and referenced up front on today's show.  John jokingly mentioned a sniper and then low and behold, others picked up on the "sniper theory" that was not a theory and we ended up dismissing that several times with other callers. 

Marshall called and wanted to know what people would do on Mars and if Dr. Doug was correct and there was a retirement city on Mars, he wanted to know who would support the retirement city.  Marshall then put forth his support idea for the retirement city.

Dr. Doug called, commented on a Mars golf course and a cool design needed for the Martian settlement in & retirement city in  order to get people to Mars.  Don't miss all of what Dr. Doug had to say as it was comprehensive.  Finally, others emailed and called in about the "sniper" theory for the Falcon 9 explosion.  By now I was at the give me a break point in this discussion.  We had many other email questions and comments from Jerry in Florida and Adrian in San Diego among others.  John from Freemont was our last called to talk about the end of Rosetta.  Adrian got in a final note to clarify why the transmissions from Rosetta were turned off before impact.

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Your topics, Musk & his Mars speech

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02 Oct 2016 Dr. David Livingston
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