Broadcast 1028 (Special Edition)

02 Oct 2008 Matt Allner, Nathaniel Ambler, Bev Fetter, Senator Ray Holmberg
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Guests: Bev Fetter, Matt Allner, Nate Ambler, and North Dakota State Senator Ray Holmberg were our guests today live from Glasgow, Scotland reporting back to us from the IAF 2008 conference sponsored by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). We began our discussion with Matt who talked about his two presentations regarding space psychology research and spaceship crew performance. Note who collaborated with him on these studies as he describes them both and his presentations. Matt shared with us some of his networking experiences and it's easy to see why conferences such as this one are important, not just from the student perspective, but also from the university given the opportunities for new student recruitment. Following our discussion with Matt Allner, we welcomed surprise guest Senator Ray Holmberg. Senator Holmberg explained why it was important for a North Dakota senator to be present at this international space conference. Talk about state support for the UND Space Studies program, this was incredible! This is a must hear segment on a very important program. Among the many questions asked Senator Holmberg, I brought up the fact that graduates of Space Studies often leave the state for space careers with NASA and other parts of the space industry and there North Dakota so far is weak on keeping the graduates in the state. He said he and his colleagues are aware of this and they have initiated programs to develop an aerospace presence in the state and they do understand the importance of keeping this wealth within their own state borders. What an outstanding state senator for space! In response to another of my questions, he said he would be available to potential students if they want to talk to him about the program, North Dakota, or aerospace in North Dakota. His email address can be found at the conclusion of this archive narrative. I strongly urge prospective students and those interested to take advantage of this great connection and let Senator Holmberg hear from you if you are considering Space Studies or have questions about the school or the industry in North Dakota. Nate Ambler was our next student guest and, like Matt, a veteran Space Show guest. Nate told about his paper that he is presenting tomorrow, the final day of the conference. He also talked a bit about recruiting and hanging with students from other school programs including some from MIT, Georgia Tech, Purdue, ISU, and others. He also said that UND Space Studies had among the largest student delegation at the conference. He too has valued the networking possibilities coming his way by being at this conference and he urged undergraduate and graduate students to present and attend conferences whenever possible. Toward the end of the program, Bev Fetter joined us to talk about the Space Studies program in more detail. Bev is the main administrative person in Space Studies and a key player in the program, its support, all student activities and more. She talks about the interest that foreign as well as American students expressed in the program by visiting the Space Studies booth at the IAC. As you will hear, some students enrolled in other programs are interested in Space Studies due to the interdisciplinary character of the program. We also talked about scholarship funding for graduate students and as you will hear, it is available for UND Space Studies students. I asked Bev to tell us something about the selling points for Space Studies that were most effective at the IAC this week in Glasgow and she kindly obliged my request. If you want to ask questions or comments about UND and Space Studies, please contact Bev Fetter at For Matt or Nate, please send your note to me and I will forward it as requested. If you want to send a note about Space Studies or North Dakota aerospace or anything related to Senator Holmberg, his email address is In contacting any of these guests, please reference this Space Show program in the subject line.



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