Broadcast 802 (Special Edition)

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Erika Lishock and Matt Bille joined Space Show listeners for this special Space Show program as part of Sputnik Week on The Space Show. We started this discussion by exploring the meaning of the Sputnik anniversary for this time in 2007, from a global perspective as well as from the American point of view. We spent much time during the program discussing various lessons learned and what we should have learned from Sputnik and the early days of the space race and how such lessons can and should be applied to what we are doing in space today. We also talked about the importance of space as an asset for humanity for far more than just space development. Listeners asked many questions, including if we are in a new space race with China. Many questions were asked about our efforts to return to the Moon, if it is the right program to be undertaking and will political policy change the VSE over the coming years to something else. Erika and Matt referenced their outstanding book on these subjects several times, "The First Space Race." This book is still available through your favorite online store or your local book store. One part of our discussion dealt with what they had to do to research and write this book, just how available the documents were to them, and were there still key people around for them to talk with for their research. You will certainly want to hear about their work and what they have to say about the key people they were able to meet with who were still with us from this historic time period. Our guests addressed listener questions dealing with the way the U.S. made its choices for the space program from the vantage point of looking back as historians. Their concluding comments are very important and inspirational. You can send your comments or questions to Matt and Erika through me at



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02 Oct 2007 Erika Lishock, Matt Bille
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