Broadcast 1047 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

02 Nov 2008 Dr. Sam Dinkin
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Guest: Dr. Sam Dinkin was the guest for this Space Show program. We started our Q&A with Sam with an update on his start-up, Space Shot. Here, Sam took us through the game, its current status, and then, in response to a listener question, he did a "lessons learned" from starting this business. This is a must hear discussion and is applicable to more than just Space Shot. We also talked about space in the future. Sam mentioned that, in his opinion, we would likely develop the oceans first, including aquaculture and then develop habitable aerostats. On the latter point, he received several listener questions about the physics and engineering needed to have a functioning aerostat habitation at about 100,000 feet. Listen to what he said and see what you think regarding this futuristic vision. We also talked about future launch prices and how they might come down in price and over what time. Given that Sam is a PhD economist, we turned our attention to the concerns we all have about our economy, the global economy, and what it all means for space. In addition, I asked Sam for likely economic influences with our presidential candidates and if we could expect major differences from either. Listen to his analysis. You will find it interesting. Dr. Dinkin said he was most optimistic for the future of space, but one of the things he learned from his Space Shot experience was that there really was no hurry to settling space and that would likely unfold on its own time frame, much the way settlers settled the New World from Europe and the West. If you have a follow up question or comment for Dr. Sam Dinkin, please send it to



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