Broadcast 723 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

02 Jun 2007 Stefanie Michaels
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Stefanie Michaels (aka Adventure Girl) was the guest for this Space Show program. Adventure Girl is exactly what her name suggests, a vibrant young woman seeking adventures and experiences and sharing them with the rest of us. One of her latest adventures was a ride on the Zero G plane out of Las Vegas with Buzz Aldrin and others. This flight was so successfully, Stefanie will soon be doing other Zero G flights for her fans to participate in with her. Here her describe her adventure on the program and answer listener questions about the flight, risk taking, fear, and much more. We also discussed some of Stefanie's other adventures including shark swimming, participating in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race and swimming with dolphins. Listeners asked Stefanie about her upcoming suborbital space tourism adventure and her thoughts on being able to float free or remain strapped into her seat. Not surprisingly, Adventure Girl wants the full zero g experience. She also wants to wear a space suit, the real macho type NASA looking space suit. We asked her for her thoughts on the regulatory environment, locations she might take-off from including Singapore and Dubai, and the full disclosure document currently required by federal law. Her answer to these questions might surprise you. We also compared the suborbital flight to climbing Mt. Everest, something Stefanie also plans to do. You won't want to miss her comparison. This is your opportunity to hear from a very adventuresome person, one who takes risks and wants to go to space. Adventure Girl, as you will hear, has much to say. In addition, stay tuned for her Zero G flights that she is working on with the company. She suggested her flights will have surprises for the participants and I suggested customizing the M&M's as well. Adventure Girl also has a MySpace site, If you want to send a comment or ask a question of Stefanie Michaels, please do so through me at



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