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Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston; Topics: Multiple topics from callers and listeners sending in emails. Also, topics suggested by the host.  It is suggested you follow the tags for more detail on the variety of topics discussed on this Open Lines program.

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Welcome to our July 2, 2023, Open Lines discussion.   Program callers led the way for discussion topics with space tracking of different sorts being the dominant topic of the day.  As with earlier programs, follow the tags, repeated below, for all topics discussed though listeners emailing a caller did offer up sub-topics from what the caller was talking about.

Tags:  Open Lines, Artemis, tracking rockets, tracking Starship, Falcon Heavy, seeing SRB separation, UAP tracking, Chinese and Russian rocket tracking, Musk vs. Zuckerberg cage match, Starship 2.0, David Grusch UAP whistleblower, gravity RX, Green Paper, long awaited JAXA published paper, Asteroid City the movie, Astronomy Live with Scott Ferguson, satellite tracking, Lunar Gateway,, ISDC Mars inflatable base display.

Early in the program Jacob from Florida called to talk about tracking launching vehicles, specifically SLS with Artemis.  This was through the entity Astronomy Live by Scott Ferguson who called in later for a more extensive discussion on tracking launches, rockets, satellites plus more.  Jacob, in his early call, highlighted the recent Artemis 1 launch with SLS and the videos from what they saw recorded which are on their YouTube channel,  The channel has great videos of the launches and the items being tracked.  Jacob explained why their videos reveal more than the official launch or company videos.  He talked about Russian and Chinese launchers providing certain info was available, plus GEO sats and more. 

After Jacob's call, Meredith sent in a question wanting info about the much talked about Musk vs. Zuckerberg cage fight specifically asking me if I thought it was for real.  I told Meredith it seemed more of a PR thing and that I was skeptical these two guys would duke it out in a cage ring, even for a good cause.  I guess time will tell.

Marshall called asking about the potential of Starship 2.0 as a paradigm shift. In getting more info from Marshall on what he was talking about, he somehow related his comments to what I wrote long ago in my DBA dissertation.  This caused me to go on a mini rant about what I wrote in the late 90s to early 2001 when my dissertation was published.  I thought Marshall was wrong in the comparison given the reality of my work and how over the years, Musk and also cubesats made most what I wrote about on doing space tourism and other things, using SSTO launchers (never happened), incorrect.  Listen to the segment and my rant for the full discussion between Marshall and myself and why I thought he was in cold water talking about Starship 2.0.  Feel free to post your comments about all of this, including my comments, on the blog.

Ft. Worth John called to advocate for the UAP whistleblower, David Grusch.  John put forth his beliefs as to why he thought the whistleblower was a game changer. I remained skeptical and pushed back on some of his commentary.  Comments anyone?  Post them on our blog.

Fremont John called discuss a few items including the lunar South Pole plus he mentioned the long awaited JAXA paper on the gravity RX experiments with rodents in space which was finally made available. John posted information about both of these items on his blog plus The Space Show blog for this program. His posts included his long-awaited interview with Alex Layendecker on Sex in Space.  Alex was an ISDC speaker we met, delivering a very good and scientific presentation on the subject.  Be sure to read John's interview with Alex on our blog or John's blog.  In addition, Alex will be a Space Show guest on Sunday, August 27, 2023.

Since I was planning to see the movie Asteroid City over the holiday period, I asked listeners for a review of it if they had seen it. Ft. Worth John saw it and called in with a bare bones review.  I did see it with Dr. Bell of NSS and Space Show fame and really liked it.  Wes Anderson was true to form for his movies, I knew the subject well, loved the sets and colors, the incredible actors were great, and I laughed for most of the move.  Go see it and if you do I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. 

Scott Ferguson called from Astronomy Live per Jacob's earlier call.  We talked at length with Scott about his work, tracking, software, goals, why he was doing it, his videos, all of it. It was a lengthy conversation in which he got emails from other listeners. We talked for most of the rest of the program about tracking things in space in general and more.  Don't miss this detailed discussion with Scott, visit the Astronomy Live YouTube channel per the link provided above in this summary and enjoy some great videos. In most cases the videos are much better than we see from NASA or the launch company/provider.  Post your comments about the videos and Astronomy Live on our blog.  We will definitely stay in touch with Scott and see and share more of his work in the coming weeks, months, and years.

The last caller was Dr. Doug from S. California.  He wanted to discuss his permanent base inflatable Mars display at ISDC.  He described it in some detail, I saw the display at ISDC and applaud his work.  You can see pictures of this base for the Moon or Mars and learn more about it and I believe Doug will display it at the upcoming Mars Society gig in early October plus I suggested he display it at the AIAA Ascend conference in later October in Las Vegas.

Please post your comments/questions for this show on our blog.  You can reach callers and others through me.




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02 Jul 2023 Dr. David Livingston
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