Broadcast 783 (Special Edition)

02 Jul 2007 Dr. Jim Logan
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Dr. Jim Logan was the guest for this special two hour and twenty minute Space Show program providing a comprehensive examination of human factors for space travel. Please note that Dr. Logan will soon have his personal website up and running so check on it later this month. You can find his site at Also, Dr. Logan speaks for himself on this show, not for NASA. We started the interview with suborbital space in the first segment, then move to LEO and orbital, and then in the third segment we discussed long term space flight, settlement, politics, research, bioengineering, and much more. Overall, we covered human factors and countermeasures for space travel and settlement, we talked about potential biomedical showstoppers specially addressing the Moon and Mars, and we discussed the clash of cultures in NASA and the science community with engineering and life sciences. Toward the end of the program, we talked about how to use robots and humans together for optimum space development, we discussed radiation in quite some detail throughout the show and we talked about astronauts receiving lifetime max doses in very short times by doing lunar EVAs and other things. For example, for suborbital, one of the major problems is g force loading. You will want to hear what Dr. Logan has to say about this and why he is supportive of centrifuge screening. Listeners asked many questions on many subjects including radiation, sex in space, shielding, space bathroom habits, gender differences, lunar and Martian dust toxicity, and much more. This is a must listen to show. Its factual, its informative, and Dr. Logan puts forth the biomedical information we need to know about living in space. In addition, he outlines the kind of R&D we should be doing regarding gravity and other serious issues. You will certainly not want to miss his discussion of gravity and what it means for long term spaceflight and settlement. If you have comments or questions for Dr. Jim Logan, please send them to me at and I will forward them to Jim. Also, remember, Jim is speaking for himself on this program, he is not speaking for NASA or representing NASA views.



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