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Welcome to our Open Lines discussion which lasted close to two hours.  Lots of interesting phone calls, discussion topics, some good emails, and an active day.  Use the tags and key words as a topic guide to the program.

Tags/Key words:  "Open Lines, Dr. David Livingston, Joe Rogan-Dr. Robert Malone podcast, SpaceX and the FAA in Boca Chica, JWST, 2022 lunar activity, space stations, Russian ASAT Demo, Musk and China, US space leadership, U.S. launch industry, ISS extension, ULA Vulcan delay, ULA and Tory Bruno, Blue Origin, Astra,  FAA environmental review delay for SpaceX, Space Port approved for Georgia, Musk time humans to Mars, SpaceX Raptor engines, fringe topics for The Space Show, putting a telescope on Starship, China's satellite constellation, doing business in China, California closing its last nuclear power plant."

Surprisingly we spent some time discussing the Rogan-Malone podcast.  I mentioned it only as a suggestion for listeners as I thought it was an exceptional educational 3 hour discussion.  A few had length comments so we spent some time with it.  If you want to hear it, its now all over the net but here are the links I used, assuming they are still active:  and  The full version is about 3 hour 10 minutes in length.  If you listen to it, post your comments on it on or blog.

Michael Listner was our first caller with some China news, a complaint to the UN about Starlink, questions about the Musk way of doing business in China and more on the Musk Chinese business relationship.  Michael talked about the ISS, U.S. as a launch lynch pin country and maintaining space superiority.  We also talked about this new year being a possible incredible year for the Moon given all the plans that involve the Moon.  Seeing the ISS extended to 2030 was also mentioned.

Another topic focused on problems for the ULA with continued BE4 rocket engine delays for Vulcan due to problems with Blue Origin.  It was said that ULA was stuck in a back position.  Don't miss all that was said on this topic. The financial problems for Astra were mentioned and later in the show Fremont Josh posted the Astra article on the blog.  I also brought up the matter of putting fringe topics and guests on the show.  I did this because of a very recent experience I had with guest that I invited to the show, turned me down, then blaming me for saying I supported the crowd funding platforms for not letting him raise money for his idea.  Listen to all of what was said on this topic.  What do you think about the fringe on a crowd funding platform?  Should there be any crowd funding due diligence on the part of the platform regarding the ventures they help to promote? Let us know what you think by posting your comments on our blog. In addition, John, during his call, talked with more detail about the Musk commentary regrading the raptor engines. 

Marshall called to follow up an early show's comments about putting a space telescope on Starship. In fact, he was advocating doing this on multiple starships for better astronomy work.  Listen to Marshall's idea and let us know what you think of it. Post away on our blog for this show.  Our last caller was Tim from Huntsville.  He mentioned China having its own satellite constellation. He also talked about why China had let in western businesses and what is involved in doing business in China.  We ended with his point about the cost of electricity in CA and PGE wanting to scrap our one and only nuclear power plan still in operation.  Tim and I discussed that for a few minutes.  As a Californian in good standing and a regretful PGE customer, I hope the nuclear plant continues operating.

Please post your comments/questions on our blog for this program. If you want to reach any of our callers, let me know and I will connect you.




We start 2022 with Open Lines. New callers wanted. Give us a call

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02 Jan 2022 Dr. David Livingston
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