Broadcast 1283 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Taylor Dinerman. Topics: NASA and commercial space; Climategate, China, SSP, space policy. Taylor Dinerman returned for the first program of 2010 which went almost two hours. In segment one, Mr. Dinerman talked about the coming NASA space policy announcement and programs. He suggested there might be a coming "train wreck." Listen to his analysis in this important discussion. Taylor talked about Constellation, politics, the coming 2010 congressional elections, and possible budget fights. Toward the end of the segment, Direct 3.0 was mentioned as was the GAP without American human spaceflight, and the options for using commercial launchers and space companies. In segment two, listener Charles brought up the small is better approach vis a vis Microlaunchers and this turned out to be an off and on again discussion during the rest of the program with other listeners participating. Taylor talked about the importance of heavy lift, then he switched to the Climategate scandal and what it means for NASA Earth Sciences. Listen carefully to this segment, it addresses NASA cultural biases as did the Columbia report, and see what you think. Taylor called for independent investigation to look for cultural bias in the Earth Sciences part of NASA and predicted long term damage to NASA if such independent reviews are not undertaken. The Wright Brothers and their motivation returned front and center, the development of the wind tunnel was mentioned, as was the need for serendipity because one never knows where something good or paradigm changing might come from though one should not plan on this approach. Space Solar Power was then brought up as was the need to tweak our capitalistic economic and investment system. You do not want to miss this discussion and what our guest had to say about economics, our systems, our failures, and our potential. As we started the third and final segment, Taylor was asked about space tourism. As you will hear, he is very bullish on it and talked about the competition between Virgin Galactic and XCOR. He also mentioned the science payload missions for suborbital spaceflights as being extremely important and very exciting. We then switched to talking about China and its space policy. You will hear that their military hinders western cooperation with the Chinese space program. India was just the opposite as Taylor stressed it being a democracy and in many ways, cooperative with our own policy. We talked about the Indian human spaceflight plans and much more. Toward the end of the program, we talked about the GAP, keeping shuttle flying longer, and the importance of our space work force, not just it being a jobs program. Taylor told us how other nations value and treat their space workforce so you definitely want to hear this discussion. If you have comments or questions for Taylor Dinerman, please send them to me at and I will forward them to Mr. Dinerman.



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02 Jan 2010 Taylor Dinerman
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