Broadcast 843 (Special Edition)

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Alan Boyle, science editor and author of the Cosmic Log blog, returned as a guest for this Space Show program. Our discussion with Alan covered many topics including space journalism ethics and controls, COTS, the VSE and returning to the Moon, and competition for the Moon with other ideas for visiting an asteroid or Mars. We also discussed fusion energy, the X Prize Cup, air shows, Bigelow Aerospace, inflatable structures and NASA’s plans for them, the ISS and onboard ISS science experiments, Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos, and much more. Alan was asked what types of stories interested his readers the most and we learned that Mars and mysteries top the list, plus science stories revolving around events that can be seen or experienced, such as a meteor shower. New Space was not among the list. Among the top stories/subjects he follows, he has great interest in the new COTS program being developed by NASA. Questions came up about the presidential campaign and its candidates. This brought us to mention many candidates only mention space in the context of a UFO sighting or experience. We talked about this and you will certainly want to hear this part of our discussion as it may actually challenge the possible further discussion of more serious space issues by presidential or other political candidates. Alan Boyle welcomes your questions, feedback, suggestions for stories and news to cover and more. You can reach him at or He prefers the cosmic log email address, but provided both for listeners. You can read his Cosmic Log blog at



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02 Dec 2007 Alan Boyle
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